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List of airlines of South Korea

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This is a list of airlines currently operating in South Korea

Air Busan 에어부산 ABL BX AIR BUSAN 2008
Asiana Airlines 아시아나항공 AAR OZ ASIANA 1988
Eastar Jet 이스타항공 ESR ZE EASTAR 2009
Hansung Airlines 한성항공 HAN - HANSUNG AIR 2004
Jeju Air 제주항공 JJA 7C JEJU AIR 2005
Jin Air 진에어 JNA LJ JIN AIR 2008
Korean Air 대한항공 KAL KE KOREAN AIR 1962
Yeongnam Air 영남에어 ONA - YEONGNAM AIR 2008

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Published - July 2009

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