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List of airlines of Greece

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List of aircraft operators which are licenced by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

Aegean Airlines Αεροπορία Αιγαίου AEE A3 AEGEAN 1987
Aeroland Airways AEN 3S AEROLAND
Air Miles
AirSea Lines AirSea Lines
Athens Airways Athens Airways ZF 2009
Aviator Airways AVW AVIATOR
EuroAir EuroAir EUP 6M EUROSTAR 1995
GainJet Aviation GNJ HERCULES JET 2006
Gee Bee Air GEB 2002
Hellas Jet HEJ T4 HELLAS JET 2002
Hellenic Imperial Airways IMP IMPERIAL 2006
Hellenic Star Airways HST HJ 1998
InterJet InterJet INJ INJET 1992
K2 SmartJets K2 SmartJets KSJ KAY-JETS 2007
Mediterranean Air Freight MDF MED-FREIGHT 2002
Olympic Airlines Ολυμπιακές Αερογραμμές OAL OA OLYMPIC 1957
Olympic Aviation Ολυμπιακή Αεροπλοΐα OLY ML OLAVIA 1971
Sky Express Sky Express SEH G3 AIR CRETE 2005
Ver-Avia Βερνίκος Αεροπλοΐα GRV NIGHT RIDER 1990

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