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In mechanical engineering, turbomachinery describes machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid, including both turbines and compressors. While a turbine transfers energy from a fluid to a rotor, a compressor transfers energy from a rotor to a fluid. The two types of machines are governed by the same basic relationships including Newton's second law of motion and Euler's energy equation for compressible fluids. Centrifugal pumps are also turbomachines that transfer energy from a rotor to a fluid, usually a liquid, while turbines and compressors usually work with a gas.

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A flow machine is generally a fluid energy machine, which operates continuously, ie a static pressure difference between inlet and outlet on or degrades. At any point in the engine exists regardless of the time a thermodynamic state. It differs from the piston machine in which this pressure difference changes periodically. Strömungsmaschinen are usually Turbomaschinen. A flow machine, which operates discontinuously, the Savonius rotor. Classification of Fluid Machinery in species and groups

Machine type →
Group ↓
Machinery Combinations of Power and machinery Engines
Housing turbomachine Propeller Repeller
Hydraulic Fluid Machinery
(≈ incompressible Fluids)
Centrifugal Pumps
Foettinger converters and clutches
(hydrodynamic gearbox)
(In a pumped storage)
Water turbines
Thermal Turbomachinery
(compressible Fluid)
Compressors (Gas turbines)
(Receipt of GT consists of a compressor)
Steam Turbines
← Turbine
Jet engines

Note: Known colloquially as the "fan" named Appliances are in the above table as a prop to find because they are out of a grid (as a protection against injury) does not have housing. Stand or tower fans are centrifugal fans, however, with housing and therefore in the table as fans to find.

Dimensionless ratios to describe turbomachinery

The following dimensionless ratios are often used for the characterization of fluid machines. They allow a comparison of flow machines with different dimensions and boundary conditions.

  1. Pressure range ψ
  2. Flow number φ (including delivery or volume number called)
  3. Performance numbers λ
  4. Run number σ
  5. Diameter Number δ

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Published - July 2009

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