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UTair Aviation

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JSC "UTair Aviation"
ОАО «Авиакомпания «ЮТэйр»
Founded 1967
Hubs Khanty-Mansiysk Airport
Surgut Airport
Syktyvkar Airport
Moscow-Vnukovo International Airport
Tyumen-Roshchino Airport
Tyumen-Plekhanovo Airport
Noyabrsk Airport
Sochi-Adler International Airport[1]
Frequent flyer program STATUS[1]
Fleet size 259 (+59 orders)
Company slogan Everywhere in the Sky
Headquarters Khanty Mansiysk, Russia
Key people Andrei Zarmenovich Martirosov (General Director)[1]
Website: http://www.utair.ru/

UTair Aviation (MICEX:UTAR; RTS:TMAT) (commonly known as UTair) is an airline based in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. It operates scheduled domestic and some international passenger services, scheduled helicopter services (e.g. from Surgut) plus extensive charter flights with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in support of the oil and gas industry across Western Siberia. UTair is also involved with relief operations for the United Nations. Its main base is at Roschino International Airport (TJM).


It was in February 1967 when the Aeroflot Tyumen Directorate was set up in order to meet the transport requirements of the fast-growing oil and gas industry undergoing development in Western Siberia. In the wake of the break-up of the Aeroflot organization, Tyumenaviatrans Aviation (TAT) was formed in 1991 to replace the Aeroflot Tyumen Directorate. TAT adopted the name of UTair in early 2003. The airline is owned by Khanty Mansiysk District administration (23%), Surgut City administration (19%), Russian shareholders and companies (33%), the Russian Federation (2%), and private foreign investors (20%).


UTair Aviation has significant stakeholdings in the following companies:


UTair Aviation ATR 42 twin-turboprop landing in Vnukovo airport, Moscow.
UTair Aviation ATR 42 twin-turboprop landing in Vnukovo airport, Moscow.

Incidents and accidents


As of January 2009 the UTair Aviation fleet comprises the following fixed- wing aircraft and helicopters:

Included in the fleet figures above are helicopters operated by the UTair Aviation subsidiaries, UTair Europe, UTair SA and UTair Sierra Leone.

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Published in July 2009.

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