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Headquarters at Berne-Belp
Headquarters at Berne-Belp

The heavy helicopter Kamov 32A12 HB-ZFX is operated jointly by Heliswiss and Helog
The heavy helicopter Kamov 32A12 HB-ZFX is operated jointly by Heliswiss and Helog

Agusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger HB-XPQ
Agusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger HB-XPQ

Heliswiss is a Swiss helicopter company with headquarters in Berne-Belp.


Heliswiss - the oldest helicopter company in Switzerland - was founded as „Heliswiss Schweizerische Helikopter AG“ with headquarters in Berne-Belp on April 17th 1958. This was the beginning of helicopter flying in Switzerland. During the following years Heliswiss expanded in Switzerland and formed a network with bases in Belp BE, Samedan GR, Domat Ems GR, Locarno TI, Erstfeld UR, Gampel VS, Gstaad BE und Gruyères FR.

During the build-up of the rescue-company Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht (REGA) as an independent network, Heliswiss carried out rescue missions on their behalf.

Heliswiss carried out operations all over the world: in Greenland, Suriname, North Africa and South America.

The first helicopter owned by Heliswiss was a Bell 47 G-1. It was registered as HB-XAG on September 23rd 1953. From 1963 Heliswiss started to expand and began to operate with medium helicopters like the Agusta Bell 204B with a turbine power of 1050 HP and an external load of up to 1500kg. From 1979 Heliswiss operated a Bell 214 (external load up to 2.8 t). Since 1991 Heliswiss operates a Russian Kamov 32A12 which was joined by a second one in 2005.

Current fleet


  • Bern-Belp
  • Gruyères
  • Gstaad (winter base)


  • Flight-training (basic training, commercial pilot, mountain training, night-flight)
  • Charter flights
  • VIP-flights
  • Heli-skiing
  • Film- and foto-flights
  • External load flights (up to 5000 kg), logging
  • Firefighting


  • Air Grischa
  • Heli Gotthard
  • eliticino
  • Rhein-Helikopter AG
  • Air Zermatt AG

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Published - July 2009

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