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Heli Holland

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Heli Holland
Founded 1976
Hubs Amsterdam Heliport, Lelystad Airport
Fleet size 21
Headquarters Emmer Compascuum, Netherlands
Key people
Website: http://www.heliholland.nl/

An Eurocopter EC 130 operated by Heli Holland in a hangar at Lelystad Airport
An Eurocopter EC 130 operated by Heli Holland in a hangar at Lelystad Airport

Heli Holland is a Dutch helicopter operator. Services provided include VIP transport, offshore transport, flight training, aerial photography, medical flights, freight transport and aerial inspection flights. They also perform helicopter maintenance and trading. Operating bases are Lelystad Airport, Amsterdam Heliport and a company owned heliport in Emmer Compascuum, which is also the location of their head office. It is the largest helicopter operator in the Netherlands.


Fleet as per December 2008:

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Published - July 2009

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