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Air Harrods

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Air Harrods Limited is the aircraft charter broking arm of the Harrods company. Based at London Stansted Airport.

Customers vary immensely; news footage has shown Tony Blair traveling to the G8 summit on board an Air Harrods helicopter which was commissioned by MI5 to offset security concerns. The use of one Air Harrods helicopter was donated for a special of Challenge Anneka in 2007. The helicopter was used to transport some ill children to a choir performance.

On 7 May 2010, Air Harrods was sold as part of its parent group to a Qatari sovereign investment group in a combined deal worth £1.5bn.

Air Harrods
A Sikorsky S76C
Founded 1996
Hubs Stansted Airport
Fleet size 2
Website Website

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Published in May 2019.

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