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Air Greenland

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Air Greenland
Founded 1960 (as Greenlandair)
Hubs Kangerlussuaq Airport
Focus cities Nuuk Airport
Narsarsuaq Airport
Frequent flyer program EuroBonus, on flights to CPH only
Fleet size 24
Destinations 41
Headquarters Nuuk, Greenland
Key people Peter Grønvold Samuelsen (CEO)

Air Greenland Inc. is the regional airline of Greenland, based in Nuuk. It operates largely domestic services, with services to Copenhagen. It offers concessional air services to all communities in Greenland and operates charter, taxi and special flights, such as air ambulance and search and rescue. Its main base is Nuuk Airport. It is owned by the Greenland government (37.5%), SAS Group (37.5%) and the Danish government (25%). It has 569 employees (as of March 2007), and carried 403,000 passengers in 2007. Arctic Umiaq Line is partially owned by Air Greenland.


The airline was established and started operations in November 1960 as Greenlandair. It was founded by Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) and mining company Kryolitselskabet and in 1962 the Greenland provincial government and the government of Denmark became co-owners. In 1998, Greenlandair began operating its first jet aircraft, a Boeing 757-200. In 2002, Greenlandair changed its name to Air Greenland.

The intercontinental service to Copenhagen carried nearly 95,000 passengers in 2003. In 2003, Air Greenland won the U.S. Air Force contract for flights to Thule Air Base (previously held by SAS) with flights starting in February 2004. In 2007 SAS Group announced that it would aim to sell its shares in Air Greenland, executing its decision in early 2009 as part of its restructurization program.



The Air Greenland fleet includes the following aircraft (as of April 2007) :

Air Greenland plans to move away from the Bell-222 and S-61 helicopters, planning to replace them with newer and faster AgustaWestland AW139 models.



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Published - July 2009

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