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List of heliports in Canada

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This is an alphabetical list of heliports in Canada. They are listed in the format:

The airport name in the CFS may differ from the name used by the airport authority.

All figures as of June 2009
Location Quantity
Canada 326
Alberta 75
British Columbia 74
Manitoba 5
New Brunswick 6
Newfoundland and Labrador 52
Northwest Territories 5
Nova Scotia 21
Nunavut 0
Ontario 93
Prince Edward Island 2
Quebec 39
Saskatchewan 1
Yukon 0
Operator  Province
Name   ICAO (IATA)   Type   Location   Coordinates  
Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre)
CAB5 Private Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre Abbotsford BC 49°02′10″N 122°18′51″W / 49.03611°N 122.31417°W / 49.03611; -122.31417 (Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) Heliport)
Ajax (Pickering General Hospital)
CPE2 Private Ajax Pickering General Hospital Ajax ON 43°50′00″N 079°01′00″W / 43.833333°N 79.016667°W / 43.833333; -79.016667 (Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport)
Aldergrove (Hicks)
CHK2 Public Alan Hicks Aldergrove BC 49°06′28″N 122°28′49″W / 49.10778°N 122.48028°W / 49.10778; -122.48028 (Aldergrove (Hicks) Heliport)
CPJ2 Private Uscan Aviation Sales Ltd Alliston ON 44°08′53″N 079°47′58″W / 44.14806°N 79.79944°W / 44.14806; -79.79944 (Alliston Heliport)
Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital)
CPZ2 Private Stevenson Memorial Hospital Alliston ON 44°09′19″N 079°52′27″W / 44.15528°N 79.87417°W / 44.15528; -79.87417 (Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
CCB3 Private Department of Economic Development, Town of Amherst Amherst NS 45°48′43″N 064°13′13″W / 45.81194°N 64.22028°W / 45.81194; -64.22028 (Amherst Heliport)
Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital)
CDY5 Private St. Martha's Regional Hospital Antigonish NS 45°37′36″N 061°58′55″W / 45.62667°N 61.98194°W / 45.62667; -61.98194 (Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital)
CDT3 Private St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Arichat NS 45°30′41″N 061°02′01″W / 45.51139°N 61.03361°W / 45.51139; -61.03361 (Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport)
CPE9 Private Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Ontario Ministry of Health
Armstrong ON 50°18′24″N 089°01′48″W / 50.30667°N 89.03°W / 50.30667; -89.03 (Armstrong Heliport)
Atikokan (General Hospital)
CKF3 Private Atikokan General Hospital Atikokan ON 48°45′00″N 091°36′00″W / 48.75°N 91.6°W / 48.75; -91.6 (Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport)
CSN9 Private Héli-Manicouagan Inc. Baie-Comeau QC 49°11′56″N 068°17′07″W / 49.19889°N 68.28528°W / 49.19889; -68.28528 (Baie-Comeau/Héli-Manicouagan Heliport)
CTD4 Public Compagnie Tremblay Ltée Baie-Saint-Paul QC 47°26′36″N 070°30′59″W / 47.44333°N 70.51639°W / 47.44333; -70.51639 (Baie-Saint-Paul Heliport)
Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital)
CPB7 Private North Hastings District Hospital Bancroft ON 45°04′17″N 077°52′44″W / 45.07139°N 77.87889°W / 45.07139; -77.87889 (Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport)
Banff (Park Compound)
CBP2 Private Banff Park Warden Service Banff AB 51°11′30″N 115°33′30″W / 51.19167°N 115.55833°W / 51.19167; -115.55833 (Banff (Park Compound) Heliport)
Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital)
CBM7 Private Calgary Health Region Banff AB 51°10′47″N 115°34′34″W / 51.17972°N 115.57611°W / 51.17972; -115.57611 (Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital) Heliport)
Barrhead (Healthcare Centre)
CHC3 Private Barrhead Healthcare Centre Barrhead AB 54°07′11″N 114°24′00″W / 54.11972°N 114.4°W / 54.11972; -114.4 (Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital)
CRV2 Private Royal Victoria Hospital of Barrie Barrie ON 44°24′52″N 079°39′55″W / 44.41444°N 79.66528°W / 44.41444; -79.66528 (Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital)
CPV6 Private St. Francis Memorial Hospital Barry's Bay ON 45°28′56″N 077°41′39″W / 45.48222°N 77.69417°W / 45.48222; -77.69417 (Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Bassano (Health Centre)
CBL4 Public Bassano Health Centre Bassano AB 50°47′25″N 112°27′39″W / 50.79028°N 112.46083°W / 50.79028; -112.46083 (Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport)
CBE3 Public Panterra Helicopter Support Ltd. Beamsville ON 43°11′11″N 079°28′29″W / 43.18639°N 79.47472°W / 43.18639; -79.47472 (Beamsville/Panterra Heliport)
Beardmore (Health Centre)
CPY3 Private Township of Beardmore Beardmore ON 49°36′31″N 087°57′11″W / 49.60861°N 87.95306°W / 49.60861; -87.95306 (Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport)
CSV3 Private Société du Parc Industriel et Portuair de Bécancour Bécancour QC 46°21′54″N 072°23′46″W / 46.365°N 72.39611°W / 46.365; -72.39611 (Bécancour Heliport)
Beddis Beach
CBB4 Private Pat and Rosemarie Keough Beddis Beach, Strait of Georgia BC 48°48′00″N 123°25′25″W / 48.8°N 123.42361°W / 48.8; -123.42361 (Beddis Beach Heliport)
Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital)
CFL3 Private Oilfields General Hospital Black Diamond AB 50°40′44″N 114°14′03″W / 50.67889°N 114.23417°W / 50.67889; -114.23417 (Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport)
Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital)
CBS9 Private Chinook Health Region Blairmore AB 49°36′58″N 114°27′26″W / 49.61611°N 114.45722°W / 49.61611; -114.45722 (Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital) Heliport)
Blairmore (Forestry)
CEK4 Private Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Forest Division Blairmore AB 49°36′31″N 114°27′05″W / 49.60861°N 114.45139°W / 49.60861; -114.45139 (Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport)
CNB2 Private National Helicopter Inc. Bolton ON 43°51′02″N 079°41′44″W / 43.85056°N 79.69556°W / 43.85056; -79.69556 (Bolton Heliport)
Bonnyville Health Centre
CBN2 Private Bonnyville Health Centre Bonnyville AB 54°15′51″N 110°44′26″W / 54.26417°N 110.74056°W / 54.26417; -110.74056 (Bonnyville Health Centre Heliport)
CYBN (YBN) Military Department of National Defence CFB Borden ON 44°16′18″N 079°54′45″W / 44.27167°N 79.9125°W / 44.27167; -79.9125 (Borden Heliport)
Bowmanville (Memorial Hospital)
CPL7 Private Bowmanvill Memorial Hospital Bowmanville ON 43°54′29″N 078°40′50″W / 43.90806°N 78.68056°W / 43.90806; -78.68056 (Bowmanville (Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Boyle (Healthcare Centre)
CHJ4 Private Aspen Regional Health Authority Boyle AB 54°35′00″N 112°48′00″W / 54.583333°N 112.8°W / 54.583333; -112.8 (Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital)
CPL2 Private South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Bracebridge ON 45°03′00″N 079°19′00″W / 45.05°N 79.316667°W / 45.05; -79.316667 (Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Brampton (National "D")
CPC4 Private National Helicopter Inc. Brampton ON 43°50′00″N 079°42′03″W / 43.833333°N 79.70083°W / 43.833333; -79.70083 (Brampton (National "D") Heliport)
Brampton (National "P")
CPM2 Private National Helicopter Inc. Brampton ON 43°48′47″N 079°41′59″W / 43.81306°N 79.69972°W / 43.81306; -79.69972 (Brampton (National "P") Heliport)
Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital)
CDT6 Private South Shore Regional Hospital Bridgewater NS 44°22′56″N 064°30′35″W / 44.38222°N 64.50972°W / 44.38222; -64.50972 (Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Brockville (Medical)
CPH8 Private Brockville & District Ambulance Service Brockville ON 44°36′20″N 075°40′53″W / 44.60556°N 75.68139°W / 44.60556; -75.68139 (Brockville (Medical) Heliport)
Brooks (General Hospital)
CFV8 Private Brooks General Hospital Brooks AB 50°34′07″N 111°53′18″W / 50.56861°N 111.88833°W / 50.56861; -111.88833 (Brooks (General Hospital) Heliport)
Burgeo (Calder Health Care Corp)
CBC9 Private Calder Health Care Corporation Burgeo NL 47°36′47″N 057°37′24″W / 47.61306°N 57.62333°W / 47.61306; -57.62333 (Burgeo (Calder Health Care Corp) Heliport)
Calgary (Bow Crow)
CEP2 Private Sustainable Resource Development, Forest Protection Division Calgary AB 51°06′10″N 114°12′52″W / 51.10278°N 114.21444°W / 51.10278; -114.21444 (Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport)
Calgary (City/Bow River)
CEL2 Private City of Calgary Calgary AB 51°03′10″N 114°04′44″W / 51.05278°N 114.07889°W / 51.05278; -114.07889 (Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport)
Calgary (Eastlake)
CEL9 Private Al Morrison Calgary AB 50°57′18″N 113°58′22″W / 50.955°N 113.97278°W / 50.955; -113.97278 (Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport)
Calgary (Foothills Hospital)
CFP3 Private Foothills Hospital Calgary AB 51°03′56″N 114°08′00″W / 51.06556°N 114.133333°W / 51.06556; -114.133333 (Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary (Rockyview Hospital)
CEM2 Private Rockyview Hospital Calgary AB 50°59′18″N 114°05′53″W / 50.98833°N 114.09806°W / 50.98833; -114.09806 (Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary (Westport)
CFQ2 Public Russell Gerrish (Westport Helicopters) Calgary AB 51°02′12″N 114°11′44″W / 51.03667°N 114.19556°W / 51.03667; -114.19556 (Calgary (Westport) Heliport)
Campbell River (Campbell River & District General Hospital)
CAT6 Private Campbell River Hospital Campbell River BC 50°00′39″N 125°14′33″W / 50.01083°N 125.2425°W / 50.01083; -125.2425 (Campbell River (Campbell River & District General Hospital) Heliport)
Campbell River (E & B Helicopters)
CCR6 Private E & B Helicopters Ltd. Campbell River BC 50°02′30″N 125°16′30″W / 50.04167°N 125.275°W / 50.04167; -125.275 (Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Campbellton (Regional Hospital)
CCRH Private Campbellton Regional Hospital Campbellton NB 47°59′39″N 066°39′55″W / 47.99417°N 66.66528°W / 47.99417; -66.66528 (Campbellton (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital
CMR6 Private St Mary's Hospital, Camrose Camrose AB 53°00′54″N 112°49′49″W / 53.015°N 112.83028°W / 53.015; -112.83028 (Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital Heliport)
Canmore (Hospital)
CCH3 Private Calgary Health Region Canmore AB 51°05′33″N 115°20′58″W / 51.0925°N 115.34944°W / 51.0925; -115.34944 (Canmore (Hospital) Heliport)
Canmore Municipal
CEW9 Public Canmore (Alpine) Heliport Canmore AB 51°04′40″N 115°20′18″W / 51.07778°N 115.33833°W / 51.07778; -115.33833 (Canmore Municipal Heliport)
Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital)
CCE5 Private Town of Canso Canso NS 45°19′58″N 060°58′53″W / 45.33278°N 60.98139°W / 45.33278; -60.98139 (Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital)
CPN7 Private Carlton Place & District Memorial Hospital Carleton Place ON 45°08′32″N 076°08′16″W / 45.14222°N 76.13778°W / 45.14222; -76.13778 (Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre)
CCT3 Private Tarrys Convention Centre Castlegar BC 49°23′10″N 117°33′09″W / 49.38611°N 117.5525°W / 49.38611; -117.5525 (Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre) Heliport)
Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital)
CCR7 Private Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital Castor AB 52°13′24″N 111°54′24″W / 52.22333°N 111.90667°W / 52.22333; -111.90667 (Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport)
CFB Shearwater
CYAW (YAW) Military Department of National Defence Shearwater NS 44°38′14″N 063°30′08″W / 44.63722°N 63.50222°W / 44.63722; -63.50222 (Shearwater Heliport)
Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
CDV3 Private Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charlottetown PE 46°15′20″N 063°05′56″W / 46.25556°N 63.09889°W / 46.25556; -63.09889 (Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport)
Chatham (Public General Hospital)
CPG8 Private Chatham (Public General Hospital) Chatham ON 42°24′13″N 082°11′36″W / 42.40361°N 82.19333°W / 42.40361; -82.19333 (Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport)
CSB4 Public Canadian Helicopters Inc Chibougamau QC 49°54′00″N 074°23′00″W / 49.9°N 74.383333°W / 49.9; -74.383333 (Chibougamau Heliport)
Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec)
CSE2 Private Hydro-Québec Chibougamau QC 49°53′16″N 074°24′01″W / 49.88778°N 74.40028°W / 49.88778; -74.40028 (Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Chicoutimi (C. H. de Chicoutimi)
CCS7 Private Hôpitale de Chicoutimi Chicoutimi QC 48°25′33″N 071°02′52″W / 48.42583°N 71.04778°W / 48.42583; -71.04778 (Chicoutimi (C. H. de Chicoutimi) Heliport)
Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters)
CHB2 Private Hudson Bay Helicopters Churchill MB 58°46′00″N 094°10′04″W / 58.766667°N 94.16778°W / 58.766667; -94.16778 (Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters) Heliport)
Claresholm (General Hospital)
CFV7 Private Claresholm General Hospital Claresholm AB 50°01′06″N 113°34′59″W / 50.01833°N 113.58306°W / 50.01833; -113.58306 (Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport)
Cline River
CCR5 Public Icefield Heli Tours Cline River AB 52°10′44″N 116°28′45″W / 52.17889°N 116.47917°W / 52.17889; -116.47917 (Cline River Heliport)
Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital)
CNB4 Private Northumberland Hills Hospital Cobourg ON 43°58′38″N 078°12′00″W / 43.97722°N 78.2°W / 43.97722; -78.2 (Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Heliport)
Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital)
CPP2 Private Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Collingwood ON 44°29′59″N 080°12′12″W / 44.49972°N 80.20333°W / 44.49972; -80.20333 (Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport)
Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital)
CBV8 Private St. Joseph's Hospital Comox BC 49°40′30″N 124°56′29″W / 49.675°N 124.94139°W / 49.675; -124.94139 (Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital) Heliport)
Consort (Health Centre)
CCS2 Private David Thompson Health Region Consort AB 52°00′04″N 110°46′51″W / 52.00111°N 110.78083°W / 52.00111; -110.78083 (Consort (Health Centre) Heliport)
Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site)
CPS6 Private Community Hospital McConnell Site Cornwall ON 45°01′52″N 074°43′04″W / 45.03111°N 74.71778°W / 45.03111; -74.71778 (Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport)
Coronation (Health Centre)
CRH2 Private Coronation Health Centre Coronation AB 52°05′46″N 111°27′34″W / 52.09611°N 111.45944°W / 52.09611; -111.45944 (Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport)
Cortes Island
CBL7 Private Cortes Island Fire Department Cortes Island BC 50°03′31″N 124°58′54″W / 50.05861°N 124.98167°W / 50.05861; -124.98167 (Cortes Island Heliport)
Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital)
CAE2 Private Cranbrook Hospital Cranbrook BC 49°30′45″N 115°45′00″W / 49.5125°N 115.75°W / 49.5125; -115.75 (Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Daysland Health Centre
CDL3 Private Daysland Health Centre Daysland AB 52°52′08″N 112°16′23″W / 52.86889°N 112.27306°W / 52.86889; -112.27306 (Daysland Health Centre Heliport)
De Winton (Highwood)
CED6 Private 418682 Alberta Ltd. De Winton AB 50°48′11″N 113°53′34″W / 50.80306°N 113.89278°W / 50.80306; -113.89278 (De Winton (Highwood) Heliport)
Digby (General Hospital)
CDG2 Private Digby General Hospital Digby NS 44°36′58″N 065°45′43″W / 44.61611°N 65.76194°W / 44.61611; -65.76194 (Digby (General Hospital) Heliport)
Dolbeau-Mistassini/Potvin Heli-Base
CPH4 Private R. Potvin Dolbeau-Mistassini QC 48°55′51″N 072°12′18″W / 48.93083°N 72.205°W / 48.93083; -72.205 (Dolbeau-Mistassini/Potvin Heli-Base Heliport)
Drayton Valley (Health Centre)
CFV9 Private Drayton Valley Health Centre Drayton Valley AB 53°12′42″N 114°58′14″W / 53.21167°N 114.97056°W / 53.21167; -114.97056 (Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport)
Drumheller (Health Centre)
CDH2 Private David Thompson Health Region Drumheller AB 51°28′09″N 112°43′42″W / 51.46917°N 112.72833°W / 51.46917; -112.72833 (Drumheller (Health Centre) Heliport)
Dryden Best Western
CKV3 Private Best Western Motor Inn Dryden ON 49°47′00″N 092°50′00″W / 49.783333°N 92.833333°W / 49.783333; -92.833333 (Dryden Best Western Heliport)
Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital)
CPA9 Private Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Dunnville ON 42°54′50″N 079°37′41″W / 42.91389°N 79.62806°W / 42.91389; -79.62806 (Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Durham (Memorial Hospital)
CPD3 Private Durham Memorial Hospital Durham ON 44°11′00″N 080°50′00″W / 44.183333°N 80.833333°W / 44.183333; -80.833333 (Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital)
CFH7 Private Royal Alexandra Hospital Edmonton AB 53°33′29″N 113°29′46″W / 53.55806°N 113.49611°W / 53.55806; -113.49611 (Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Childrens Hospital)
CEW7 Private University of Alberta Hospital Edmonton AB 53°31′14″N 113°31′29″W / 53.52056°N 113.52472°W / 53.52056; -113.52472 (Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Childrens Hospital) Heliport)
CEP8 Private Ross Harris Edmonton AB 53°30′30″N 113°20′00″W / 53.50833°N 113.333333°W / 53.50833; -113.333333 (Edmonton/Eastport Heliport)
Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital
CES8 Private Covenant HealthA Edmonton AB 53°27′44″N 113°25′40″W / 53.46222°N 113.42778°W / 53.46222; -113.42778 (Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport)
CLD2 Public City of Leduc Leduc AB 53°15′11″N 113°32′34″W / 53.25306°N 113.54278°W / 53.25306; -113.54278 (Edmonton/Leduc Heliport)
Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital)
CMC2 Private Covenant HealthA Edmonton AB 53°31′13″N 113°36′39″W / 53.52028°N 113.61083°W / 53.52028; -113.61083 (Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/Namao (CFB Edmonton)
CYED (YED) Military 408 OPS Department of National Defence Edmonton AB 53°40′09″N 113°28′32″W / 53.66917°N 113.47556°W / 53.66917; -113.47556 (Edmonton/Namao Heliport)
Edmonton/St. Albert
CES3 Private Delta Helicopters Ltd St. Albert AB 53°41′15″N 113°41′14″W / 53.6875°N 113.68722°W / 53.6875; -113.68722 (Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport)
Edmundston (Regional Hospital)
CCY5 Private Edmundston Regional Hospital Edmundston NB 47°22′35″N 068°18′43″W / 47.37639°N 68.31194°W / 47.37639; -68.31194 (Edmundston (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Elk Point (Healthcare Centre)
CEP7 Private Elk Point Health Centre Elk Point AB 53°53′54″N 110°54′29″W / 53.89833°N 110.90806°W / 53.89833; -110.90806 (Elk Point (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Englehart (District Hospital)
CNS3 Private Englehart and District Hospital Englehart ON 47°49′23″N 079°52′49″W / 47.82306°N 79.88028°W / 47.82306; -79.88028 (Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport)
Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital)
CPB2 Private Groves Memorial Community Hospital Fergus ON 43°43′18″N 080°22′32″W / 43.72167°N 80.37556°W / 43.72167; -80.37556 (Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport)
CSD5 Private Heli Fermont Enr. Fermont QC 52°48′22″N 067°06′08″W / 52.80611°N 67.10222°W / 52.80611; -67.10222 (Fermont Heliport)
Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital)
CBP3 Public Fernie Hospital Fernie BC 49°30′00″N 115°04′00″W / 49.5°N 115.066667°W / 49.5; -115.066667 (Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada)
CPG3 Private Eurocopter Canada Fort Erie ON 42°55′16″N 078°57′21″W / 42.92111°N 78.95583°W / 42.92111; -78.95583 (Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada) Heliport)
Fort Macleod (Hospital)
CFM9 Private Chinook Health Region Fort Macleod AB 49°43′32″N 113°23′32″W / 49.72556°N 113.39222°W / 49.72556; -113.39222 (Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Nelson (Guardian)
CFN8 Private Guardian Helicopters Inc. Fort Nelson BC 58°45′08″N 122°41′13″W / 58.75222°N 122.68694°W / 58.75222; -122.68694 (Fort Nelson (Guardian) Heliport)
Fort Nelson (Mile 301)
CFN2 Private Dominion Helicopters Fort Nelson BC 58°48′19″N 122°43′45″W / 58.80528°N 122.72917°W / 58.80528; -122.72917 (Fort Nelson (Mile 301) Heliport)
Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital)
CSV4 Private Fort Saskatchewan Health Centre Fort Saskatchewan AB 53°42′13″N 113°13′24″W / 53.70361°N 113.22333°W / 53.70361; -113.22333 (Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Simpson/(Great Slave)
CFS2 Private Great Slave Helicopters Fort Simpson NT 61°50′18″N 121°19′35″W / 61.83833°N 121.32639°W / 61.83833; -121.32639 (Fort Simpson/(Great Slave) Heliport)
Fort Simpson/Canadian Helicopters
CFD8 Public Canadian Helicopters Western Fort Simpson NT 61°50′12″N 121°19′30″W / 61.83667°N 121.325°W / 61.83667; -121.325 (Fort Simpson/Canadian Helicopters Heliport)
Fort Smith (District)
CEC5 Private Department of Environment & Natural Resources Fort Smith NT 60°00′11″N 111°54′34″W / 60.00306°N 111.90944°W / 60.00306; -111.90944 (Fort Smith (District) Heliport)
Fort St. John (Hospital)
CFJ7 Private North Peace Health Council Fort St. John BC 56°14′48″N 120°50′33″W / 56.24667°N 120.8425°W / 56.24667; -120.8425 (Fort St. John (Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B
CKV9 Public Daryl & Marg Zielsdorf Fort Vermilion AB 58°21′02″N 115°56′57″W / 58.35056°N 115.94917°W / 58.35056; -115.94917 (Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport)
Frank Channel (Forestry)
CFB2 Private Department of Environment & Natural Resources Frank Channel NT 62°47′10″N 115°56′45″W / 62.78611°N 115.94583°W / 62.78611; -115.94583 (Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport)
Fredericton (RCMP)
CRC2 Private Royal Canadian Mounted Police Fredericton NB 45°55′54″N 066°40′00″W / 45.93167°N 66.666667°W / 45.93167; -66.666667 (Fredericton (RCMP) Heliport)
Gagetown (CFB Gagetown)
CYCX (YCX) Military Department of National Defence Oromocto NB 45°50′16″N 066°26′12″W / 45.83778°N 66.43667°W / 45.83778; -66.43667 (Gagetown Heliport)
Galore Creek
CGC2 Private Novagold Canada Inc., Aviation Department Galore Creek BC 57°07′24″N 131°27′09″W / 57.12333°N 131.4525°W / 57.12333; -131.4525 (Galore Creek Heliport)
Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre)
CGH2 Private James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre Gander NL 48°57′19″N 054°37′38″W / 48.95528°N 54.62722°W / 48.95528; -54.62722 (Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre) Heliport)
Ganges (Hospital)
CAL7 Private Lady Minto Gulf Island Hospital Administrator Ganges BC 48°51′46″N 123°30′33″W / 48.86278°N 123.50917°W / 48.86278; -123.50917 (Ganges (Hospital) Heliport)
Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital)
CNZ6 Private Georgetown & District Hospital Georgetown ON 43°38′40″N 079°56′04″W / 43.64444°N 79.93444°W / 43.64444; -79.93444 (Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital) Heliport)
Geraldton (District Hospital)
CPJ4 Private Geraldton District Hospital Geraldton ON 49°43′18″N 086°57′26″W / 49.72167°N 86.95722°W / 49.72167; -86.95722 (Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport)
Golden (Canadian Helicopters)
CGN2 Private Canadian Helicopters Western Golden BC 51°18′11″N 116°58′54″W / 51.30306°N 116.98167°W / 51.30306; -116.98167 (Golden (Canadian Helicopters) Heliport)
Golden (Golden & District General Hospital)
CBT5 Private Golden & District Health Care Society Golden BC 51°17′48″N 116°58′05″W / 51.29667°N 116.96806°W / 51.29667; -116.96806 (Golden (Golden & District General Hospital) Heliport)
Granby/Artopex Plus
CTR4 Private Le groupe Pro Plus Inc. Granby QC 45°23′27″N 072°45′58″W / 45.39083°N 72.76611°W / 45.39083; -72.76611 (Granby/Artopex Plus Heliport)
Grand Falls-Windsor
CFW8 Public Town of Grand Falls-Windsor Grand Falls-Windsor NL 48°55′29″N 055°38′50″W / 48.92472°N 55.64722°W / 48.92472; -55.64722 (Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport)
Grande Prairie (Forestry)
CEZ9 Private Department of Environment Land & Forest Service Grande Prairie AB 55°09′13″N 118°49′24″W / 55.15361°N 118.82333°W / 55.15361; -118.82333 (Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport)
Grande Prairie (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital)
CGP2 Private Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Grande Prairie AB 55°10′34″N 118°47′16″W / 55.17611°N 118.78778°W / 55.17611; -118.78778 (Grande Prairie (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital) Heliport)
Gun Lake
CGL5 Private Studio Air Group Inc Gun Lakes BC 50°53′23″N 122°50′48″W / 50.88972°N 122.84667°W / 50.88972; -122.84667 (Gun Lake Heliport)
Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital)
CPA6 Private Hagersville West Haldimand General Hospital Hagersville ON 42°57′30″N 080°02′36″W / 42.95833°N 80.04333°W / 42.95833; -80.04333 (Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital) Heliport)
Haliburton (Hospital)
CNF2 Private Haliburton Hospital Haliburton ON 45°02′17″N 078°31′49″W / 45.03806°N 78.53028°W / 45.03806; -78.53028 (Haliburton (Hospital) Heliport)
Halifax (IWK Health Centre)
CIW2 Private IWK Health Centre Halifax NS 44°38′14″N 063°35′04″W / 44.63722°N 63.58444°W / 44.63722; -63.58444 (Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport)
Halifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre)
CHQE Private Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre Halifax NS 44°38′45″N 063°35′12″W / 44.64583°N 63.58667°W / 44.64583; -63.58667 (Halifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre) Heliport)
Halifax (South End)
CHS7 Private Halifax Port Authority Halifax NS 44°37′32″N 063°33′48″W / 44.62556°N 63.56333°W / 44.62556; -63.56333 (Halifax (South End) Heliport)
Halifax (Windsor Park)
CYP2 Military Department of National Defence Halifax NS 44°39′26″N 063°36′42″W / 44.65722°N 63.61167°W / 44.65722; -63.61167 (Halifax (Windsor Park) Heliport)
Hamilton (Chedoke-McMaster Hospital)
CPJ3 Private Chedoke-McMaster Hospital Hamilton ON 43°16′00″N 079°56′00″W / 43.266667°N 79.933333°W / 43.266667; -79.933333 (Hamilton (Chedoke-McMaster Hospital) Heliport)
Hamilton (General Hospital)
CPK3 Private Hamiltion General Hospital Hamilton ON 43°15′43″N 079°51′17″W / 43.26194°N 79.85472°W / 43.26194; -79.85472 (Hamilton (General Hospital) Heliport)
Hanna (District Ambulance)
CHD3 Private David Thompson Health Region Hanna AB 51°39′03″N 111°55′43″W / 51.65083°N 111.92861°W / 51.65083; -111.92861 (Hanna (District Ambulance) Heliport)
Hanover (District Hospital)
CNZ7 Private Hanover District Hospital Hanover ON 44°08′27″N 081°01′45″W / 44.14083°N 81.02917°W / 44.14083; -81.02917 (Hanover (District Hospital) Heliport)
Hardisty (Health Centre)
CHD2 Private Hardisty Health Centre Hardisty AB 52°40′08″N 111°18′25″W / 52.66889°N 111.30694°W / 52.66889; -111.30694 (Hardisty (Health Centre) Heliport)
Harrington Harbour
CTH5 Public Government of Quebec Harrington Harbour QC 50°29′46″N 059°28′50″W / 50.49611°N 59.48056°W / 50.49611; -59.48056 (Harrington Harbour Heliport)
Hay River (District)
CET5 Private Department of Environment and Natural Resources Hay River NT 60°47′04″N 115°49′33″W / 60.78444°N 115.82583°W / 60.78444; -115.82583 (Hay River (District) Heliport)
High River (Hospital)
CHR2 Private Calgary Health Region High River AB 50°34′34″N 113°52′46″W / 50.57611°N 113.87944°W / 50.57611; -113.87944 (High River (Hospital) Heliport)
Hope (Fraser Canyon Hospital)
CAV2 Private Fraser Canyon Hospital Hope BC 49°22′34″N 121°25′24″W / 49.37611°N 121.42333°W / 49.37611; -121.42333 (Hope (Fraser Canyon Hospital Heliport)
Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital)
CPC9 Private Huntsville Memorial District Hospital Huntsville ON 45°20′24″N 079°12′15″W / 45.34°N 79.20417°W / 45.34; -79.20417 (Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) Heliport)
CJN3 Private Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Ignace ON 49°24′23″N 091°38′05″W / 49.40639°N 91.63472°W / 49.40639; -91.63472 (Ignace Heliport)
Innisfail (Hospital)
CSF2 Public Town of Innisfail Innisfail AB 52°01′10″N 113°57′13″W / 52.01944°N 113.95361°W / 52.01944; -113.95361 (Innisfail (Hospital) Heliport)
Invermere (Hospital)
CIV2 Public Invermere District Hospital Invermere BC 50°30′38″N 116°02′05″W / 50.51056°N 116.03472°W / 50.51056; -116.03472 (Invermere (Hospital) Heliport)
Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital)
CNV2 Private Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital Inverness NS 46°11′58″N 061°17′29″W / 46.19944°N 61.29139°W / 46.19944; -61.29139 (Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Kamloops (BC Hydro)
CAM7 Public BC Hydro Kamloops BC 50°40′01″N 120°22′17″W / 50.66694°N 120.37139°W / 50.66694; -120.37139 (Kamloops (BC Hydro) Heliport)
Kamloops (Royal Inland Hospital)
CBC4 Private Royal Inland Hospital Kamloops BC 50°40′08″N 120°19′56″W / 50.66889°N 120.33222°W / 50.66889; -120.33222 (Kamloops (Royal Inland Hospital) Heliport)
Kananaskis Village Helistop
CFE7 Public Alberta Community Development Kananaskis AB 50°55′22″N 115°08′37″W / 50.92278°N 115.14361°W / 50.92278; -115.14361 (Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport)
Kapuskasing (Sensenbrenner Hospital)
CKP7 Private Sensenbrenner Hospital Kapuskasing ON 49°25′30″N 082°25′37″W / 49.425°N 82.42694°W / 49.425; -82.42694 (Kapuskasing (Sensenbrenner Hospital) Heliport)
Kelowna (Alpine)
CAB7 Private Alpine Helicopters Ltd. Kelowna BC 49°52′00″N 119°34′00″W / 49.866667°N 119.566667°W / 49.866667; -119.566667 (Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport)
Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters)
CWC2 Private Wildcat Helicopters Inc. Kelowna BC 49°52′02″N 119°34′46″W / 49.86722°N 119.57944°W / 49.86722; -119.57944 (Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport)
CBZ2 Private Alcan Inc. Kemano BC 53°34′00″N 127°57′00″W / 53.566667°N 127.95°W / 53.566667; -127.95 (Kemano Heliport)
Kenora (Lake Of The Woods District Hospital)
CJG6 Private Lake Of The Woods District Hospital Kenora ON 49°46′07″N 094°29′56″W / 49.76861°N 94.49889°W / 49.76861; -94.49889 (Kenora (Lake Of The Woods District Hospital) Heliport)
Kentville (Camp Aldershot)
CKM9 Military Department of National Defence Kentville NS 45°05′39″N 064°30′32″W / 45.09417°N 64.50889°W / 45.09417; -64.50889 (Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport)
Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital)
CKV8 Private Valley Regional Hospital Kentville NS 45°04′54″N 064°30′00″W / 45.08167°N 64.5°W / 45.08167; -64.5 (Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Killam (Health Centre)
CKH5 Private Killam Health Centre Killam AB 52°47′15″N 111°51′35″W / 52.7875°N 111.85972°W / 52.7875; -111.85972 (Killam (Health Centre) Heliport)
Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre)
CPU2 Private Kincardine South Bruce Grey Health Centre Kincardine ON 44°11′15″N 081°37′28″W / 44.1875°N 81.62444°W / 44.1875; -81.62444 (Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre) Heliport)
Kingston (Hôtel Dieu Hospital)
CPJ7 Private Kingston Hôtel Dieu Hospital Kingston ON 44°13′20″N 076°29′34″W / 44.22222°N 76.49278°W / 44.22222; -76.49278 (Kingston (Hôtel Dieu Hospital) Heliport)
Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital)
CNK9 Private Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital Regional Municipality of Waterloo ON 43°27′10″N 080°30′13″W / 43.45278°N 80.50361°W / 43.45278; -80.50361 (Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital) Heliport)
La Ronge
CJX3 Public Saskatchewan Environment, Forest Fire Management Control La Ronge SK 55°06′53″N 105°17′43″W / 55.11472°N 105.29528°W / 55.11472; -105.29528 (La Ronge Heliport)
La Sarre
CSL2 Private Les Hélicoptères Abitibi Ltée La Sarre QC 48°48′31″N 079°15′06″W / 48.80861°N 79.25167°W / 48.80861; -79.25167 (La Sarre Heliport)
Lamont (Health Care Centre)
CLM4 Private Lamont Health Care Centre Lamont AB 53°45′49″N 112°45′15″W / 53.76361°N 112.75417°W / 53.76361; -112.75417 (Lamont (Health Care Centre) Heliport)
Langley (Russell Farm)
CRF2 Public Dean Russell Langley BC 49°00′39″N 122°40′19″W / 49.01083°N 122.67194°W / 49.01083; -122.67194 (Langley (Russell Farm) Heliport)
Lethbridge (Regional Hospital)
CLH4 Private Chinook Regional Health Authority Lethbridge AB 49°41′09″N 112°48′56″W / 49.68583°N 112.81556°W / 49.68583; -112.81556 (Lethbridge (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Lillooet (Cariboo Chilcotin)
CBP5 Private CC Helicopters Ltd. Lillooet BC 50°41′11″N 121°55′35″W / 50.68639°N 121.92639°W / 50.68639; -121.92639 (Lillooet (Cariboo Chilcotin) Heliport)
Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre)
CNT4 Private Manitoulin Health Centre Little Current ON 45°58′41″N 081°55′35″W / 45.97806°N 81.92639°W / 45.97806; -81.92639 (Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre) Heliport)
Little Parker Island
CBK9 Private J. Bickerstaff Little Parker Island BC 48°53′47″N 123°25′06″W / 48.89639°N 123.41833°W / 48.89639; -123.41833 (Little Parker Island Heliport)
Liverpool (Queens General Hospital)
CLQ2 Private Queens General Hospital Liverpool NS 44°02′19″N 064°42′19″W / 44.03861°N 64.70528°W / 44.03861; -64.70528 (Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport)
London (University Hospital)
CPR4 Private London University Hospital London ON 43°00′46″N 081°16′23″W / 43.01278°N 81.27306°W / 43.01278; -81.27306 (London (University Hospital) Heliport)
London (Victoria Hospital)
CPW2 Private Victoria Hospital Corp. London ON 42°57′31″N 081°13′33″W / 42.95861°N 81.22583°W / 42.95861; -81.22583 (London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Long Pond
CCX2 Private Cougar Helicopters Inc. Foxtrap NL 47°30′58″N 052°58′51″W / 47.51611°N 52.98083°W / 47.51611; -52.98083 (Long Pond Heliport)
Madrona Bay
CBW9 Private I. Levin Madrona Bay, Gulf Islands BC 48°51′21″N 123°29′08″W / 48.85583°N 123.48556°W / 48.85583; -123.48556 (Madrona Bay Heliport)
Manitouwadge (General Hospital)
CPU4 Private Manitouwadge General Hospital Manitouwadge ON 49°07′20″N 085°49′20″W / 49.12222°N 85.82222°W / 49.12222; -85.82222 (Manitouwadge (General Hospital) Heliport)
Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital)
CPX2 Private Wilson Memorial Hospital Marathon ON 48°43′07″N 086°22′29″W / 48.71861°N 86.37472°W / 48.71861; -86.37472 (Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital)
CPD9 Private Centre Grey General Hospital Markdale ON 44°18′54″N 080°39′29″W / 44.315°N 80.65806°W / 44.315; -80.65806 (Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital) Heliport)
Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre)
CMC3 Private Mayerthorpe Healthcare Centre Mayerthorpe AB 53°56′54″N 115°07′54″W / 53.94833°N 115.13167°W / 53.94833; -115.13167 (Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Mayne Island (Medical Emergency)
CBF5 Private Mayne Island Fire Department Mayne Island BC 48°50′48″N 123°17′03″W / 48.84667°N 123.28417°W / 48.84667; -123.28417 (Mayne Island (Medical Emergency) Heliport)
Meaford (General Hospital)
CPA7 Private Meaford General Hospital Meaford ON 44°36′25″N 080°35′56″W / 44.60694°N 80.59889°W / 44.60694; -80.59889 (Meaford (General Hospital) Heliport)
Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital)
CMS2 Private Soldiers Memorial Hospital Middleton NS 44°56′48″N 065°03′34″W / 44.94667°N 65.05944°W / 44.94667; -65.05944 (Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Midland (Huronia District Hospital)
CPW6 Private Huronia District Hospital Midland ON 44°44′30″N 079°54′52″W / 44.74167°N 79.91444°W / 44.74167; -79.91444 (Midland (Huronia District Hospital) Heliport)
Milton (AFI)
CMH2 Private AFI Group International Inc. Milton ON 43°31′56″N 079°54′10″W / 43.53222°N 79.90278°W / 43.53222; -79.90278 (Milton (AFI) Heliport)
Milton (District Hospital)
CPY2 Private Milton District Hospital Milton ON 43°29′46″N 079°52′11″W / 43.49611°N 79.86972°W / 43.49611; -79.86972 (Milton (District Hospital) Heliport)
Mindemoya (Hospital)
CNW4 Private Mindemoya Hospital Mindemoya ON 45°44′20″N 082°10′00″W / 45.73889°N 82.166667°W / 45.73889; -82.166667 (Mindemoya (Hospital) Heliport)
Minden (Hospital)
CMI2 Private Minden Hospital Minden Hills ON 44°55′29″N 078°43′46″W / 44.92472°N 78.72944°W / 44.92472; -78.72944 (Minden (Hospital) Heliport)
Mission (Memorial Hospital)
CBU6 Private Mission Memorial Hospital Mission BC 49°08′10″N 122°19′53″W / 49.13611°N 122.33139°W / 49.13611; -122.33139 (Mission (Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Mission (Public Safety)
CBF4 Private District of Mission Mission BC 49°08′00″N 122°21′00″W / 49.133333°N 122.35°W / 49.133333; -122.35 (Mission (Public Safety) Heliport)
CDB5 Public Irving Oil Moncton NB 46°02′58″N 065°03′45″W / 46.04944°N 65.0625°W / 46.04944; -65.0625 (Moncton/Sailsbury Heliport)
Montréal (Bell)
CSW5 Private Bell Helicopter Textron Montreal QC 45°41′06″N 073°55′52″W / 45.685°N 73.93111°W / 45.685; -73.93111 (Montréal (Bell) Heliport)
Montréal (Sacre-Coeur)
CSZ8 Private Sacre-Coeur Hospital Montreal QC 45°31′58″N 073°42′44″W / 45.53278°N 73.71222°W / 45.53278; -73.71222 (Montréal (Sacre-Coeur) Heliport)
Montréal East (AIM)
CSH9 Private American Iron & Metal Inc. Montreal QC 45°38′09″N 073°33′44″W / 45.63583°N 73.56222°W / 45.63583; -73.56222 (Montréal East (AIM) Heliport)
CSN2 Private Kruger Inc. Montreal QC 45°30′25″N 073°38′09″W / 45.50694°N 73.63583°W / 45.50694; -73.63583 (Montréal/Kruger Heliport)
Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus)
CLP2 Private Groupe Pro Plus Inc. Montreal QC 45°34′43″N 073°45′00″W / 45.57861°N 73.75°W / 45.57861; -73.75 (Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport)
Montréal/Les Cèdres
CSH6 Private Canadian Helicopters Limited Montreal QC 45°21′00″N 074°05′00″W / 45.35°N 74.083333°W / 45.35; -74.083333 (Montréal/Les Cèdres Heliport)
Montréal/Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher)
CCH5 Private Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher Montreal QC 45°32′17″N 073°27′36″W / 45.53806°N 73.46°W / 45.53806; -73.46 (Montréal/Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport)
Montréal/Marina Venise
CST2 Private M. Delisle Montreal QC 45°37′57″N 073°46′44″W / 45.6325°N 73.77889°W / 45.6325; -73.77889 (Montréal/Marina Venise Heliport)
Montréal/Point Zero
CPZ6 Private Point Zero Montreal QC 45°31′47″N 073°39′27″W / 45.52972°N 73.6575°W / 45.52972; -73.6575 (Montréal/Point Zero Heliport)
Montréal/Saint-Hubert Helicraft
CTG2 Private Helicraft 2000 Inc. Montreal QC 45°31′57″N 073°24′42″W / 45.5325°N 73.41167°W / 45.5325; -73.41167 (Montréal/Saint-Hubert Helicraft Heliport)
Moose Factory
CPN3 Private Moose Factory Hospital Moose Factory ON 51°14′58″N 080°37′08″W / 51.24944°N 80.61889°W / 51.24944; -80.61889 (Moose Factory Heliport)
Mount Belcher
CMBH Private Don Arney Saltspring Island BC 48°49′58″N 123°30′19″W / 48.83278°N 123.50528°W / 48.83278; -123.50528 (Mount Belcher Heliport)
Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital)
CPA2 Private Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Mount Forest ON 43°58′27″N 080°44′15″W / 43.97417°N 80.7375°W / 43.97417; -80.7375 (Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Heliport)
Nanaimo (Regional General Hospital)
CBG5 Private Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Nanaimo BC 49°11′05″N 123°58′10″W / 49.18472°N 123.96944°W / 49.18472; -123.96944 (Nanaimo (Regional General Hospital) Heliport)
Nanaimo (West Coast)
CNH9 Private West Coast Helicopters Ltd. Nanaimo BC 49°11′06″N 123°59′20″W / 49.185°N 123.98889°W / 49.185; -123.98889 (Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport)
CNM6 Private Finnair Ltd Naramata BC 49°36′10″N 119°34′43″W / 49.60278°N 119.57861°W / 49.60278; -119.57861 (Naramata Heliport)
New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital)
CNG2 Private Aberdeen Hospital New Glasgow NS 45°34′20″N 062°38′39″W / 45.57222°N 62.64417°W / 45.57222; -62.64417 (New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital) Heliport)
New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital)
CNV3 Private Temiskaming Hospital New Liskeard ON 47°29′40″N 079°41′30″W / 47.49444°N 79.69167°W / 47.49444; -79.69167 (New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital) Heliport)
New Westminster (Royal Columbian Hospital)
CNW9 Private Fraser Health Authority New Westminster BC 49°13′35″N 122°53′25″W / 49.22639°N 122.89028°W / 49.22639; -122.89028 (New Westminster (Royal Columbian Hospital) Heliport)
Niagara Falls
CPQ3 Private Niagara Helicopters Ltd. Niagara Falls ON 43°07′00″N 079°04′00″W / 43.116667°N 79.066667°W / 43.116667; -79.066667 (Niagara Falls Heliport)
CSK9 Military Department of National Defence Nicolet QC 46°13′13″N 072°38′52″W / 46.22028°N 72.64778°W / 46.22028; -72.64778 (Nicolet Heliport)
Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital)
CKE9 Private Nipigon District Memorial Hospital Nipigon ON 49°00′58″N 088°16′44″W / 49.01611°N 88.27889°W / 49.01611; -88.27889 (Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital)
CPE8 Private Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Oakville ON 43°28′27″N 079°40′18″W / 43.47417°N 79.67167°W / 43.47417; -79.67167 (Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Olds (Hospital)
CFU9 Private Olds Hospital & Care Centre Olds AB 51°48′08″N 114°07′01″W / 51.80222°N 114.11694°W / 51.80222; -114.11694 (Olds (Hospital) Heliport)
Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police)
COP2 Private Ontario Provincial Police Helicopter Operations Orillia ON 44°34′55″N 079°25′46″W / 44.58194°N 79.42944°W / 44.58194; -79.42944 (Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) Heliport)
Ottawa (Children's Hospital)
CPK7 Private Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Ottawa ON 45°24′04″N 075°39′01″W / 45.40111°N 75.65028°W / 45.40111; -75.65028 (Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa (Civic Hospital)
CPP7 Private Ottawa Civic Hospital Ottawa ON 45°23′30″N 075°43′14″W / 45.39167°N 75.72056°W / 45.39167; -75.72056 (Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa/Dwyer Hill
CYDH Military Department of National Defence Ottawa ON 45°07′50″N 075°56′54″W / 45.13056°N 75.94833°W / 45.13056; -75.94833 (Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport)
Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino)
CTA9 Private Casiloc Inc. Gatineau QC 45°26′47″N 075°43′35″W / 45.44639°N 75.72639°W / 45.44639; -75.72639 (Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport)
COW2 Private Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. Prince George BC 53°57′06″N 122°49′54″W / 53.95167°N 122.83167°W / 53.95167; -122.83167 (Otway Heliport)
Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Services)
CNK6 Private Grey Bruce Health Services Owen Sound ON 44°34′05″N 080°54′48″W / 44.56806°N 80.91333°W / 44.56806; -80.91333 (Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Services) Heliport)
Palmerston (District Hospital)
CPA3 Private Palmerston & District Hospital Palmerston ON 43°50′18″N 080°50′31″W / 43.83833°N 80.84194°W / 43.83833; -80.84194 (Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport)
Parry Sound Medical
CRS2 Private Parry Sound Ambulance Parry Sound ON 45°20′30″N 080°01′00″W / 45.34167°N 80.016667°W / 45.34167; -80.016667 (Parry Sound Medical Heliport)
Pembroke (Regional Hospital)
CNG5 Private Pembroke Regional Hospital Pembroke ON 45°48′55″N 077°06′28″W / 45.81528°N 77.10778°W / 45.81528; -77.10778 (Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital)
CNC9 Private Great War Memorial Hospital Perth ON 44°54′18″N 076°14′59″W / 44.905°N 76.24972°W / 44.905; -76.24972 (Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Peterborough (Civic Hospital)
CNU3 Private Peterborough Civic Hospital Peterborough ON 44°18′02″N 078°20′45″W / 44.30056°N 78.34583°W / 44.30056; -78.34583 (Peterborough (Civic Hospital) Heliport)
Pincher Creek (Hospital)
CPR8 Private Chinook Health Region Pincher Creek AB 49°29′33″N 113°56′50″W / 49.4925°N 113.94722°W / 49.4925; -113.94722 (Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport)
Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre)
CHC4 Private David Thompson Health Region Ponoka AB 52°41′07″N 113°35′22″W / 52.68528°N 113.58944°W / 52.68528; -113.58944 (Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital)
CBK5 Private West Coast General Hospital Port Alberni BC 49°14′54″N 124°46′54″W / 49.24833°N 124.78167°W / 49.24833; -124.78167 (Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport)
Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base
CBT9 Private Coulson Flying Tankers Port Alberni BC 49°17′24″N 124°56′42″W / 49.29°N 124.945°W / 49.29; -124.945 (Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport)
Port Alice (Hospital)
CBB5 Private Port Alice Hospital Port Alice BC 50°25′36″N 127°29′13″W / 50.42667°N 127.48694°W / 50.42667; -127.48694 (Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport)
Port Colborne (General Hospital)
CPX5 Private Port Colborne General Hospital Port Colborne ON 42°52′42″N 079°15′36″W / 42.87833°N 79.26°W / 42.87833; -79.26 (Port Colborne (General Hospital) Heliport)
Port Hardy (Hospital)
CBS5 Private Port Hardy Hospital Port Hardy BC 50°43′15″N 127°30′11″W / 50.72083°N 127.50306°W / 50.72083; -127.50306 (Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport)
Port McNeill (Hospital)
CBM9 Private District Hospital Port McNeill BC 50°34′57″N 127°04′07″W / 50.5825°N 127.06861°W / 50.5825; -127.06861 (Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport)
Port Perry (Community Memorial Hospital)
CPX6 Private Community Memorial Hospital Port Perry ON 44°06′19″N 078°57′17″W / 44.10528°N 78.95472°W / 44.10528; -78.95472 (Port Perry (Community Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Poste Lemoyne (Complex LG-3)
CSY6 Private Hydro-Québec Poste Lemoyne QC 53°28′58″N 075°01′53″W / 53.48278°N 75.03139°W / 53.48278; -75.03139 (Poste Lemoyne (Complex LG-3) Heliport)
Powell River (Hospital)
CPW8 Private Powell River Community Health Centre Powell River BC 49°51′05″N 124°31′02″W / 49.85139°N 124.51722°W / 49.85139; -124.51722 (Powell River (Hospital) Heliport)
Prince George (Pacific Western Helicopters)
CBG8 Private Pacific Western Helicopters Prince George BC 53°52′38″N 122°45′40″W / 53.87722°N 122.76111°W / 53.87722; -122.76111 (Prince George (Pacific Western Helicopters) Heliport)
Prince Rupert (Hospital)
CBR8 Private North Coast Community Health Council Prince Rupert BC 54°18′17″N 130°19′48″W / 54.30472°N 130.33°W / 54.30472; -130.33 (Prince Rupert (Hospital) Heliport)
Prince Rupert (Hydro)
CBU4 Private BC Hydro Prince Rupert BC 54°18′42″N 130°17′37″W / 54.31167°N 130.29361°W / 54.31167; -130.29361 (Prince Rupert (Hydro) Heliport)
Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Coast Guard)
CBY5 Private Coast Guard Prince Rupert BC 54°19′54″N 130°16′36″W / 54.33167°N 130.27667°W / 54.33167; -130.27667 (Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Public)
CBF6 Public Seal Cove Airport Society Prince Rupert BC 54°19′48″N 130°16′42″W / 54.33°N 130.27833°W / 54.33; -130.27833 (Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Public) Heliport)
Quebec (Coast Guard)
CTJ2 Private Coast Guard Quebec City QC 46°48′22″N 071°12′13″W / 46.80611°N 71.20361°W / 46.80611; -71.20361 (Quebec (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Quebec (Complex H)
CSZ2 Private Government of Quebec Quebec City QC 46°48′26″N 071°12′42″W / 46.80722°N 71.21167°W / 46.80722; -71.21167 (Quebec (Complex H) Heliport)
Quebec/Beauport (HQ)
CTS2 Private Hydro-Québec Quebec City QC 46°52′45″N 071°11′38″W / 46.87917°N 71.19389°W / 46.87917; -71.19389 (Quebec/Beauport (HQ) Heliport)
Quebec/Hopital de L'Enfant-Jesus
CTJ5 Private Hopital de L'Enfant-Jesus Quebec City QC 46°50′15″N 071°13′31″W / 46.8375°N 71.22528°W / 46.8375; -71.22528 (Quebec/Hopital de L'Enfant-Jesus Heliport)
Quesnel (Hospital)
CAZ4 Private Quesnel Hospital Administration Quesnel BC 52°58′57″N 122°30′01″W / 52.9825°N 122.50028°W / 52.9825; -122.50028 (Quesnel (Hospital) Heliport)
Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre
CRD3 Private David Thompson Health Region Red Deer AB 52°15′43″N 113°48′57″W / 52.26194°N 113.81583°W / 52.26194; -113.81583 (Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport)
Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital)
CRL3 Private Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital Red Lake ON 51°00′49″N 093°49′19″W / 51.01361°N 93.82194°W / 51.01361; -93.82194 (Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Renfew (Victoria Hospital)
CPG9 Private Renfrew Victoria Hospital Renfrew ON 45°28′57″N 076°41′46″W / 45.4825°N 76.69611°W / 45.4825; -76.69611 (Renfew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre)
CRH5 Private David Thompson Health Region Rimbey AB 52°38′26″N 114°14′52″W / 52.64056°N 114.24778°W / 52.64056; -114.24778 (Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
CSS2 Private Coast Guard Rivière-du-Loup QC 47°51′00″N 069°32′00″W / 47.85°N 69.533333°W / 47.85; -69.533333 (Riviere-du-Loup Heliport)
Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital)
CEU4 Private Rocky Mountain House General Hospital Rocky Mountain House AB 52°22′43″N 114°55′12″W / 52.37861°N 114.92°W / 52.37861; -114.92 (Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital) Heliport)
Sable Island
CST5 Private Coast Guard Sable Island NS 43°55′59″N 060°00′20″W / 43.93306°N 60.00556°W / 43.93306; -60.00556 (Sable Island Heliport)
CSG9 Private Canadian Helicopters Sagard QC 47°59′27″N 070°04′39″W / 47.99083°N 70.0775°W / 47.99083; -70.0775 (Sagard Heliport)
Saint John (Regional Hospital)
CSN6 Private Saint John Regional Hospital Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation Saint John NB 45°18′08″N 066°05′17″W / 45.30222°N 66.08806°W / 45.30222; -66.08806 (Saint John (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Sainte-Agathe (AIM)
CSV2 Private La Compagnie Américaine de Fer st Métaux Inc Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts QC 46°07′00″N 074°18′00″W / 46.116667°N 74.3°W / 46.116667; -74.3 (Sainte-Agathe (AIM) Heliport)
CTH9 Public Government of Quebec Saint-Augustin QC 51°13′16″N 058°38′36″W / 51.22111°N 58.64333°W / 51.22111; -58.64333 (Saint-Augustin Heliport)
Saint-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec)
CSZ6 Private Hydro-Québec Saint-Jérôme QC 45°46′16″N 074°01′37″W / 45.77111°N 74.02694°W / 45.77111; -74.02694 (Saint-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
St. John's (Universal)
CDC2 Public Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Ltd. St. John's NL 47°36′30″N 052°43′37″W / 47.60833°N 52.72694°W / 47.60833; -52.72694 (St. John's (Universal) Heliport)
CSF6 Private R. Provost Sainte-Marguerite QC 46°01′52″N 074°03′12″W / 46.03111°N 74.05333°W / 46.03111; -74.05333 (Sainte-Marguerite Heliport)
St. Paul (Health Care Centre)
CTP5 Private St. Therese, St. Paul Health Care St. Paul AB 53°59′17″N 111°17′26″W / 53.98806°N 111.29056°W / 53.98806; -111.29056 (St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport)
San Juan Point (Coast Guard)
CBJ9 Private Coast Guard Port Renfrew BC 48°31′52″N 124°27′24″W / 48.53111°N 124.45667°W / 48.53111; -124.45667 (San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Sault Ste Marie
CNR3 Public Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Sault Ste. Marie ON 46°30′16″N 084°19′24″W / 46.50444°N 84.32333°W / 46.50444; -84.32333 (Sault Ste Marie Heliport)
Sechlt (St. Mary's Hospital)
CBP4 Private St. Mary's Hospital Sechelt BC 49°28′34″N 123°44′54″W / 49.47611°N 123.74833°W / 49.47611; -123.74833 (Sechlt (St. Mary's Hospital) Heliport)
Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec)
CTA2 Private Hydro-Québec Sept-Îles QC 50°17′17″N 066°24′33″W / 50.28806°N 66.40917°W / 50.28806; -66.40917 (Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Shelburne (Roseway Hospital)
CCZ9 Private Roseway Hospital Shelburne NS 43°45′03″N 065°18′34″W / 43.75083°N 65.30944°W / 43.75083; -65.30944 (Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport)
Sherbrooke (CHUS)/François Desourdy
CSG7 Private Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke QC 45°26′59″N 071°52′08″W / 45.44972°N 71.86889°W / 45.44972; -71.86889 (Sherbrooke (CHUS)/François Desourdy Heliport)
Shilo (Flewin Field) (CFB Shilo)
CKN9 Military Department of National Defence CFB Shilo MB 49°46′51″N 099°38′20″W / 49.78083°N 99.63889°W / 49.78083; -99.63889 (Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport)
Shilo (CFB Shilo)
CKM3 Military Department of National Defence CFB Shilo MB 49°48′00″N 099°38′00″W / 49.8°N 99.633333°W / 49.8; -99.633333 (Shilo Heliport)
Shunda (Fire Base)
CDA7 Private Forest Protection Division, Clearwater Wild Fire Management Area Shunda AB 52°29′26″N 115°45′31″W / 52.49056°N 115.75861°W / 52.49056; -115.75861 (Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport)
Simco (Norfolk General Hospital)
CPA8 Private Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Simcoe ON 42°50′48″N 080°19′11″W / 42.84667°N 80.31972°W / 42.84667; -80.31972 (Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport)
Sioux Lookout
CKF7 Private Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Sioux Lookout ON 50°04′00″N 091°55′00″W / 50.066667°N 91.916667°W / 50.066667; -91.916667 (Sioux Lookout Heliport)
Slave Lake/Slave Lake Helicopters
CSL6 Private Slave Lake Helicopters Slave Lake AB 55°17′36″N 114°46′53″W / 55.29333°N 114.78139°W / 55.29333; -114.78139 (Slave Lake/Slave Lake Helicopters Heliport)
Smithers (Canadian)
CAA6 Private Canadian Helicopters Limited Smithers BC 54°46′30″N 127°08′06″W / 54.775°N 127.135°W / 54.775; -127.135 (Smithers (Canadian) Heliport)
Smiths Falls (Community Hospital)
CNS9 Private Smith Falls Community Hospital Smiths Falls ON 44°54′26″N 076°01′38″W / 44.90722°N 76.02722°W / 44.90722; -76.02722 (Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport)
Smokey Lake (George McDougall Health Centre)
CGM2 Private Smokey Lake (George McDougall Health Centre) Smoky Lake AB 54°07′19″N 112°57′58″W / 54.12194°N 112.96611°W / 54.12194; -112.96611 (Smokey Lake (George McDougall Health Centre) Heliport)
Sonora Resort
CSR6 Private London Enterprises Limited Sonora Island BC 50°22′54″N 125°09′26″W / 50.38167°N 125.15722°W / 50.38167; -125.15722 (Sonora Resort Heliport)
Stettler (Health Centre)
CLH2 Private Stettler Health Centre Stettler AB 52°19′24″N 112°43′31″W / 52.32333°N 112.72528°W / 52.32333; -112.72528 (Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport)
Stewart (Health Centre)
CHC2 Private Northern Health Authority Stewart BC 55°56′25″N 129°59′26″W / 55.94028°N 129.99056°W / 55.94028; -129.99056 (Stewart (Health Centre) Heliport)
Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre)
CSP2 Private Capital Health Authority Stony Plain AB 53°32′17″N 113°58′42″W / 53.53806°N 113.97833°W / 53.53806; -113.97833 (Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport)
Strathmore (Hospital)
CSM2 Private Calgary Health Region Strathmore AB 51°03′36″N 113°23′10″W / 51.06°N 113.38611°W / 51.06; -113.38611 (Strathmore (Hospital) Heliport)
Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital)
CNM3 Private West Nipissing General Hospital Sturgeon Falls ON 46°22′23″N 079°54′56″W / 46.37306°N 79.91556°W / 46.37306; -79.91556 (Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital) Heliport)
Sudbury (Regional Hospital)
CND3 Private Sudbury Regional Hospital Sudbury ON 46°28′44″N 080°59′25″W / 46.47889°N 80.99028°W / 46.47889; -80.99028 (Sudbury (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
CYSD (YSD) Military Department of National Defence CFB Suffield AB 50°16′00″N 111°11′00″W / 50.266667°N 111.183333°W / 50.266667; -111.183333 (Suffield Heliport)
Summerside (Prince County Hospital)
CCH6 Public Prince County Hospital Summerside PE 46°25′04″N 063°46′26″W / 46.41778°N 63.77389°W / 46.41778; -63.77389 (Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport)
Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre)
CSD2 Private David Thompson Health Region Sundre AB 51°48′25″N 114°38′11″W / 51.80694°N 114.63639°W / 51.80694; -114.63639 (Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport)
Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital)
CSY9 Private Cape Breton Regional Hospital Sydney NS 46°06′36″N 060°10′34″W / 46.11°N 60.17611°W / 46.11; -60.17611 (Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Taber (Health Centre)
CTB7 Private Chinook Regional Health Aurhority Taber AB 49°47′08″N 112°09′58″W / 49.78556°N 112.16611°W / 49.78556; -112.16611 (Taber (Health Centre) Heliport)
Terrace (Mills Memorial Hospital)
CBU5 Private Mills Memorial Hospital Terrace BC 54°30′36″N 128°35′45″W / 54.51°N 128.59583°W / 54.51; -128.59583 (Terrace (Mills Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Terrace/BC Hydro
CBW5 Private BC Hydro Terrace BC 54°31′07″N 128°37′31″W / 54.51861°N 128.62528°W / 54.51861; -128.62528 (Terrace/BC Hydro Heliport)
CKM7 Private Manitoba Hydro Thompson MB 55°42′00″N 097°53′00″W / 55.7°N 97.883333°W / 55.7; -97.883333 (Thompson Heliport)
Three Hills (Hospital)
CFA8 Private Three Hills District Health Services Three Hills AB 51°42′31″N 113°15′07″W / 51.70861°N 113.25194°W / 51.70861; -113.25194 (Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport)
Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre)
CTB2 Private Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Thunder Bay ON 48°25′23″N 089°16′09″W / 48.42306°N 89.26917°W / 48.42306; -89.26917 (Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Heliport)
Tofield (Health Centre)
CTF2 Private Tofield Health Centre Tofield AB 53°22′23″N 112°41′48″W / 53.37306°N 112.69667°W / 53.37306; -112.69667 (Tofield (Health Centre) Heliport)
Tofino (Hospital)
CBC8 Private Tofino General Hospital Tofino BC 49°09′04″N 125°54′33″W / 49.15111°N 125.90917°W / 49.15111; -125.90917 (Tofino (Hospital) Heliport)
Tofino Lifeboat Station
CBR7 Private Coast Guard Tofino BC 49°08′00″N 125°54′00″W / 49.133333°N 125.9°W / 49.133333; -125.9 (Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport)
Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children)
CNW8 Private Hospital for Sick Children Toronto ON 43°39′00″N 079°23′00″W / 43.65°N 79.383333°W / 43.65; -79.383333 (Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) Heliport)
Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital)
CPK6 Private Credit Valley Hospital Mississauga ON 43°33′41″N 079°42′09″W / 43.56139°N 79.7025°W / 43.56139; -79.7025 (Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport)
Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital)
CTM4 Private St. Michael's Hospital Toronto ON 43°39′15″N 079°22′42″W / 43.65417°N 79.37833°W / 43.65417; -79.37833 (Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport)
Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre)
CNY8 Private Sunnybrook Medical Centre Toronto ON 43°43′16.66″N 079°22′14.78″W / 43.7212944°N 79.3707722°W / 43.7212944; -79.3707722 (Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre) Heliport)
Toronto/Cardinal Couriers
CPL8 Private Cardinal Couriers Ltd. Toronto ON 43°37′53″N 079°39′53″W / 43.63139°N 79.66472°W / 43.63139; -79.66472 (Toronto/Cardinal Couriers Heliport)
Toronto/Markham Stouffville
CPH7 Private Markham Stouffville Hospital Toronto ON 43°53′00″N 079°14′00″W / 43.883333°N 79.233333°W / 43.883333; -79.233333 (Toronto/Markham Stouffville Heliport)
CPA5 Private Tarten Equipment Ltd. Toronto ON 43°39′07″N 079°39′29″W / 43.65194°N 79.65806°W / 43.65194; -79.65806 (Toronto/Tarten Heliport)
CPY5 Private Wilson's Heli-Transport Toronto ON 43°37′04″N 079°33′49″W / 43.61778°N 79.56361°W / 43.61778; -79.56361 (Toronto/Wilson's Heliport)
CKL8 Private Ontario Ministry of Health Upsala ON 49°03′01″N 090°28′09″W / 49.05028°N 90.46917°W / 49.05028; -90.46917 (Upsala Heliport)
Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital)
CNA5 Private Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Uxbridge ON 44°06′11″N 079°07′42″W / 44.10306°N 79.12833°W / 44.10306; -79.12833 (Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital) Heliport)
Valcartier (W/C J.H.L. (Joe) Lecomte) (CFB Valcartier)
CYOY (YOY) Military Department of National Defence CFB Valcartier QC 48°54′00″N 071°30′00″W / 48.9°N 71.5°W / 48.9; -71.5 (Valcartier (W/C J.H.L. (Joe) Lecomte) Heliport)
CTR5 Public 9027-3111 Québec (Motel L'Escale) Val-d'Or QC 48°06′13″N 077°48′24″W / 48.10361°N 77.80667°W / 48.10361; -77.80667 (Val-d'Or/L'Escale Heliport)
Valemount (Yellowhead Helicopters)
CBV7 Private Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. Valemount BC 52°52′00″N 119°18′00″W / 52.866667°N 119.3°W / 52.866667; -119.3 (Valemount (Yellowhead Helicopters) Heliport)
Valleyfield (Transport BRS Inc)
CSY5 Private J. Corbeil Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC 45°15′49″N 074°08′57″W / 45.26361°N 74.14917°W / 45.26361; -74.14917 (Valleyfield (Transport BRS Inc) Heliport)
Vancouver (General Hospital)
CBK4 Private Vancouver Hospital & Health Science Centre Vancouver BC 49°15′42″N 123°07′20″W / 49.26167°N 123.12222°W / 49.26167; -123.12222 (Vancouver (General Hospital) Heliport)
Vancouver (Vancouver Film Studios)
CFS9 Private Studio Air Group Inc. Vancouver BC 49°15′37″N 123°01′43″W / 49.26028°N 123.02861°W / 49.26028; -123.02861 (Vancouver (Vancouver Film Studios) Heliport)
Vancouver Children & Women's Health Centre
CAK7 Private Children's Hospital Vancouver BC 49°14′38″N 123°07′39″W / 49.24389°N 123.1275°W / 49.24389; -123.1275 (Vancouver Children & Women's Health Centre Heliport)
Vancouver/Delta (North)
CBD2 Private North Delta Copters Ltd. Vancouver BC 49°07′12″N 123°02′45″W / 49.12°N 123.04583°W / 49.12; -123.04583 (Vancouver/Delta (North) Heliport)
Vancouver/Delta (SEI)
CSE7 Private Sei Industries Ltd. Vancouver BC 49°07′45″N 123°01′06″W / 49.12917°N 123.01833°W / 49.12917; -123.01833 (Vancouver/Delta (SEI) Heliport)
Vancouver/Harbour (Public)
CBC7 Public Pacific Heliport Services Vancouver BC 49°17′13″N 123°06′22″W / 49.28694°N 123.10611°W / 49.28694; -123.10611 (Vancouver/Harbour (Public) Heliport)
Vegerville (St. Joseph's Genereal Hospital)
CVG8 Private St. Joseph's General Hospital Vegreville AB 53°29′38″N 112°01′57″W / 53.49389°N 112.0325°W / 53.49389; -112.0325 (Vegerville (St. Joseph's Genereal Hospital) Heliport)
Vermilion Health Centre
CVH2 Private Vermilion Health Centre Vermilion AB 53°21′21″N 110°52′18″W / 53.35583°N 110.87167°W / 53.35583; -110.87167 (Vermilion Health Centre Heliport)
Victoria (BC Hydro)
CBC5 Private BC Hydro Victoria BC 48°29′25″N 123°23′26″W / 48.49028°N 123.39056°W / 48.49028; -123.39056 (Victoria (BC Hydro) Heliport)
Victoria (General Hospital)
CBW7 Private Greater Victoria Hospital Society Victoria BC 48°28′02″N 123°25′57″W / 48.46722°N 123.4325°W / 48.46722; -123.4325 (Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital)
CBK8 Private Royal Jubilee Hospital Victoria BC 48°26′03″N 123°19′31″W / 48.43417°N 123.32528°W / 48.43417; -123.32528 (Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Camel Point)
CBF7 Private Pacific Heliport Services Victoria BC 48°25′05″N 123°23′16″W / 48.41806°N 123.38778°W / 48.41806; -123.38778 (Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point)
CBZ7 Private Coast Guard Victoria BC 48°25′24″N 123°23′24″W / 48.42333°N 123.39°W / 48.42333; -123.39 (Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport)
Viking Health Centre
CVK2 Private Viking Health Centre Viking AB 53°06′00″N 111°46′37″W / 53.1°N 111.77694°W / 53.1; -111.77694 (Viking Health Centre Heliport)
Vulcan (Hospital)
CVH7 Private Calgary Health Region Vulcan AB 50°23′45″N 113°15′32″W / 50.39583°N 113.25889°W / 50.39583; -113.25889 (Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport)
Wainwright (Health Centre)
CWH2 Private Wainwright Health Centre Wainwright AB 52°50′35″N 110°51′53″W / 52.84306°N 110.86472°W / 52.84306; -110.86472 (Wainwright (Health Centre) Heliport)
Walkerton (County of Bruce General Hospital)
CNG6 Private County of Bruce General Hospital Walkerton ON 44°07′16″N 081°09′08″W / 44.12111°N 81.15222°W / 44.12111; -81.15222 (Walkerton (County of Bruce General Hospital) Heliport)
Welland (County General Hospital)
CPB3 Private Welland County General Hospital Welland ON 42°58′38″N 079°14′56″W / 42.97722°N 79.24889°W / 42.97722; -79.24889 (Welland (County General Hospital) Heliport)
Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre)
CWC4 Private David Thompson Health Region Wetaskiwin AB 52°59′18″N 113°22′06″W / 52.98833°N 113.36833°W / 52.98833; -113.36833 (Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
Whistler (Hospital)
CAW4 Private Whistler Health Care Centre Whistler BC 50°07′16″N 122°57′29″W / 50.12111°N 122.95806°W / 50.12111; -122.95806 (Whistler (Hospital) Heliport)
Whistler (Municipal)
CBE9 Public Whistler Heliport Society Whistler BC 50°10′00″N 122°54′00″W / 50.166667°N 122.9°W / 50.166667; -122.9 (Whistler (Municipal) Heliport)
White Saddle Ranch
CBD9 Private White Saddle Air Services White Saddle Ranch BC 51°44′00″N 124°44′00″W / 51.733333°N 124.733333°W / 51.733333; -124.733333 (White Saddle Ranch Heliport)
Winnipeg (City of Winnipeg)
CWG2 Private City of Winnipeg Winnipeg MB 49°54′01″N 097°05′44″W / 49.90028°N 97.09556°W / 49.90028; -97.09556 (Winnipeg (City of Winnipeg) Heliport)
Yarmouth (Regional Hospital)
CDU3 Private Yarmouth Regional Hospital Yarmouth NS 43°50′54″N 066°07′17″W / 43.84833°N 66.12139°W / 43.84833; -66.12139 (Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport)

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Published in July 2009.

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