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List of aircraft of World War II

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The List of aircraft of World War II includes all aircraft and aerial vehicles used by the combatants of World War II. It is also appropriate to list aircraft and vehicles developed but not operationally used in the war, as well as certain rockets and missiles. In parentheses is listed the date in service followed by the developing nation and major wartime users.

Fighting aircraft

Fighter aircraft

Attack aircraft

Bomber aircraft

Flying Boats and Sea Planes


Trainer Aircraft

Rockets and missiles

Surface to surface missiles

Surface to air missiles

Air to surface missiles

Air to air missiles

Liaison Aircraft

Experimental aircraft

Experimental aircraft are those that never saw operational service or were never intended to do so. They may be aircraft purely designed to test and develop new theories and research on aviation, or may be intended as prototypes of combat or other types of aircraft. Ultimately, if the aircraft was deployed to regular squadrons or used in more than the rarest of operational missions by other units, it should be listed above under its appropriate type. Some types which did not reach flight status may also be listed here.

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