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List of countries without an airport

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Out of 193 Independent States, only five have no airport included within their boundaries. All of these are in Europe, and all apart from Monaco are landlocked or double landlocked.

List of countries with no airport
No. Country Notes
1  Liechtenstein Currently, Liechtenstein only has a heliport in the southern town of Shaan. The nearest airport is St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland, where there is not and has not been any passport check.
2  Andorra There is no airport in Andorra. The nearest airports are in Barcelona, Toulouse and Girona. Andorra is the largest country in the world not to have an airport.
3  Vatican City The nearest airport to the Vatican City is Rome. It would be physically impossible to fit a whole airport into the 0.44km2 land area of the Holy See.
4  San Marino San Marino does not currently have an airport; instead, there is a heliport located at Borgo Maggiore. The nearest airport is in Rimini, north east of the country.
5  Monaco Monaco does not have an airport, but there is a heliport located in the Monagasque district of Fontvieille. The nearest airport to Monaco is Cote d'Azur Airport in Nice, France (source Transport in Monaco).

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Published - April 2009

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