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Molodyozhnaya Ice Runway

Molodyozhnaya (Russian: Молодёжная, "Youth") (also known as "Molodezhnaya") was a Soviet, then Russian research station in East Antarctica at 67°40′S 45°50′E. After being mothballed in 1990, it was reopened in 2006 to operate on a seasonal basis. In Russian, the station is sometimes referred to as the capital of Antarctica.


Molodyozhnaya Station is located in the Thala Hills, 500–600 meters inland from the coast on the southern shore of Alasheyev Bight in the Cosmonaut Sea, at 42 meters above sea level. The area around the station is composed mostly of rocky ridges separated by snow-covered depressions and lakes. The sea near the station is covered in pack ice for much of the year, out to a distance of as much as 100 km at the end of winter. The rise to the summit of the massive East Antarctic Ice Sheet (Dome A) begins 1.5-2.0 km from the shore. Kheis Glacier is located in 15 km east of the station, and Campbell Glacier is roughly the same distance to the southwest.

Molodyozhnaya Ice Runway
  • IATA: none
  • ICAO: AT15
Airport typePrivate
Serves Molodyozhnaya Station
Location Thala Hills
Time zone (+3)
Elevation AMSL 753 ft / 230 m
Coordinates 67°40′58″S 46°08′05″E
Direction Length Surface
ft m
10/28 8,395 2,559 Ice

Location of Molodyozhnaya Ice Runway in Antarctica

Location of Molodyozhnaya Ice Runway in Antarctica

Molodyozhnaya Station

Molodyozhnaya Station

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