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Halley Skiway

Halley Research Station is a research facility in Antarctica on the Brunt Ice Shelf operated by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The base was established in 1956 to study the Earth's atmosphere. Measurements from Halley led to the discovery of the ozone hole in 1985. The current base is the sixth in a line of structures and includes design elements intended to overcome the challenge of building on a floating ice shelf without being buried and crushed by snow. As of 2020, the base has been left unstaffed through winter since 2017, due to concerns over the propagation of an ice crack and how this might cut off the evacuation route in an emergency. The Halley Bay Important Bird Area with its emperor penguin colony lies in the general vicinity of the base.

Halley Skiway
  • IATA: none
Airport typePrivate
Location Halley Research Station
Brunt Ice Shelf
Coordinates 75°35′00″S 26°39′36″W
Direction Length Surface
ft m
1,210 307 Snow

Location of Halley Skiway in Antarctica

Location of Halley Skiway in Antarctica

Halley VI Station.  Photo by Hugh Broughton Architects. CC BY-SA 4.0.

Halley VI Station. Photo by Hugh Broughton Architects. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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