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Iasi International Airport

Iasi International Airport picture

Iasi International Airport

Located in the North – East of Moldavia on a 180 m MSL elevated hill, Iasi Airport is one of the most ancient acredited airports in Romania. Even from 1905, on a grass runway more or less adjusted, there were taking place “ flight art contests” with pioneers of the romantic aviation – supported at that time by the Royal House.

During the interbelic period, between WW1 and WW2, Iasi zone earned its commercial representative status in 1926, when scheduled flights were oficialised on the route Bucharest – Galati – Iasi and Chisinau, operated with DeHavilland aircrafts, twin engines with propellers, 14 seats max capacity.

Until the dawn of WW2 this route was constantly exploited, but once with the heavy bombardments over Iasi when the airport was also distructed, the entire area became hardly accessible.

In the year 1969 Iasi Airport is modernized, as part of a national program for many strategic objectives rheabilitation. A concrete runway is built with a total length of 1800 m, with a modern lighting and passenger terminal. With its new technical characteristics Iasi Airport resumed the national commercial competition, while Tarom Company used to operate daily on destinations like Bucharest, Arad, Timisoara, Cluj. At this moment Iasi Airport is equiped with an NDB approach system assisted by a Precision Approach Radar, CAT I lighting with approach lights for Runways 15 and 33 and the most modern pax terminal from the regional airports.

Operating from October 2001, the new passenger terminal is capable to process 150 pax / /hour for internal flights and 100 pax / hour for external flights using separate flows and distinct awaiting – embarking rooms. Also, the public services for restaurants are separated accordingly to the separated flows.In a modern environment, the public benefitiates of informations concerning flights schedule, Internet and E-mail access services, transport bookings, local informations etc.

The passengers and baggage check-in procedure is completed within a large space, together with the anti-terro check into the central hall were are also situated the informations and ticketing, lost and found baggage counters, and the flight displays .Built up according to the principle „ all in one place” in the central hall we can also found the custom and border police counters.

The arrival flow operates both internal and external arrivals, allowing minimum awaiting times for country entry and baggage recovery for the passengers.

The passenger traffic and aircraft movements tends to double comparising with the same period from the last year, soon the external flights in charter and scheduled regime determing even a higher increasement due to the opening of the Airport Travel Agency. This is to work both as a ticketing agent and charter organiser.

Today the local market problem is the lack of the appropriate air transportation offer which must be external flights directly operated from Iasi Airport.

Another future project is the building of a cargo terminal near the Utilitarian Aviation hangar.
Able to serve the firms from the entirsize="2"e North – East Region, the cargo terminal is designed to process 50 tones of cargo per hour , due to its equipments capable to work with general cargo, perishable and dangerous goods except radioactive.

Also, we improved our ground support equimpents with new items, provide superior qualification of the personnel involved in ramp activities, and also submitting the Ground Handling Manual to IATA Ground Handling Council in order to get an accreditation to act as an authorised handling agent.

Thus, the general philosophy of the development strategy for Iasi Airport is tributary to the ideea of a regional airport able to ensure all the common services from European Union Countries but at a smaller scale.

Iasi International Airport picture


Iasi International Airport

Tel-Fax: 0232-271570

General Manager Mitica Rebegea e-mail: iasi [at] aeroport ro tel 0232-273511
Deputy Manager George Zaharta e-mail: zgc [at] aeroport ro tel 0232 - 271590 int. 105
Chief Engineer Mircea Frunze e-mail: mircea [at] aeroport ro tel 0232 - 271590 int. 145
Chief Book-Keeper Nicolela Alexandrescu e-mail: contsef [at] aeroport ro 0232 - 271590 int. 143
Chief Handling Gorea Liliana: handling [at] aeroport ro 0232 - 271590 int. 123

URL: http://www.aeroport.ro/

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General Info
Country Romania
Time UTC+2(+3DT)
Latitude 47.178492
47° 10' 42.57" N
Longitude 27.620631
027° 37' 14.27" E
Elevation 397 feet
121 meters
Type Civil
Magnetic Variation 005° E (01/06)

TWR 119.2
APP 119.2

Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
15/33 5841 x 98 feet
1780 x 30 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
NDB IAS IASI - 391 3.7 NM 148.7

OPR HOURS Opr 0400-2000Z++.

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