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Al Udeid Ab Airport

Al-Udeid Air Base
Airport type Military
Owner QAF (Qatari Air Force)
Operator United States Air Force / Royal Air Force / Royal Australian Air Force / Qatari Air Force
Serves OEF, OIF, HOA
Location Doha, Qatar
Elevation AMSL 130 ft / 40 m
Coordinates 25°07′02″N 051°18′53″E / 25.11722°N 51.31472°E / 25.11722; 51.31472
Direction Length Surface
ft m
16/34 12,303 3,750 Asphalt
Source: DAFIF

Al Udeid Air Base is a military base west of Doha, Qatar. It houses coalition personnel and assets. It is host to a forward headquarters of United States Central Command, and home to No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group RAF and the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing of the USAF. In 1999, Qatar's emir, Sheikh Hamad, reportedly told US officials that he would like to see as many as 10,000 US servicemen permanently stationed at Al Udeid.

In 2003, fourteen RAAF F/A-18 Hornet fighters from 75SQN were based here, along with two P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and three C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. At first the Hornets flew long missions of five or six hours, escorting and protecting coalition early warning AWACS aircraft and tanker aircraft used for air-to-air refuelling. Later, at the height of the war, the Hornets were used to attack Iraqi ground forces with laser-guided bombs. The Orions typically flew long 12-hour missions, especially at night, over the Persian Gulf. The versatile Hercules flew supplies and equipment into Iraq, and later flew some of the first humanitarian aid into Baghdad.

The fourteen RAAF Hornets flew over 670 sorties during the war, including 350 combat sorties over Iraq.

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General Info
Country Qatar
Time UTC+3
Latitude 25.117317
25° 07' 02.34" N
Longitude 51.314989
051° 18' 53.96" E
Elevation 130 feet
40 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 002° E (01/06)
Operating Agency MILITARY

TWR 125.5
METRO 390.0
DOHA INFO 126.45
GND 135.5
ATIS 123.75
DOHA APP 121.1
SOF 281.45

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
16/34 12303 x 148 feet
3750 x 45 meters

Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VORTAC ALD AL UDEID 099X 115.2 1.4 NM 156.2

JASU AM32-95
150+/-5lb/min (2055+/- 68cfm) at 51+/- 2psia

A-GEAR Dep BAK14 raised dur fighter ops. Ovrn nets rigged but in lowered posn.
CAUTION All hvy acft dep Rwy 16/34 must taxi 700' prior to beginning dep roll. (Exception KC-135's must taxi 500' prior to dep roll.) Large acft must use min pwr settings dur taxi opr, inbd eng only. All hvy acft must ensure cntrline posn prior topwr up, failure to do so may result in rwy closure for removal of FOD haz.
JASU JASU-3 (AM32A-60)
LGT Rwy 16 ALS has Simple Apch Lgt Sys-Single Source-ICAO std. Len of Rwy 16 ALS is 1378'. Beginning at 2953' remaining rwy cntrline lgt altn red/W, last 984' all red. Rwy 34 PAPI GS not coincidental with ILS GS.
MISC Fst 1300' Rwy 16 and fst 1300' Rwy 34 conc, middle 9703' asphalt. Asphalt ovrns are 984' long. AM OPS has no COMSEC stor avbl and ltd supply of FLIP. Base wx stn provides full obsn, fcst and PMSV svc avbl H24. All acft rqr PPR at least 24 hr in advance, but no earlier than one wk in advance. Email PPR requirements to No wx radar svc avbl. Remote wx brief avbl for mil opr H24, CENTAF OWS DSN 312-965-0901, C+1 803-895-0901. All tran hvy acft will exp to back taxi on the rwy. Aft back taxi, execute 180 to the east to prevent FODblowing on twys and rwy. Waiver granted by DCFACC for KC-135s to prk on twy U1 and U2. Acft comdr must only prk on these 60 ft wide twys when flw-me truck, marshaller and wing-walkers are present. Pilots will use min thrust rqr on inboard eng only (outboard eng at idle thrust) when opr on these twys. RSRS applied at Al Udeid.
RSTD All acft ensure ETARYXYX is an addressee on all flt pln messages. Host country enforces strict compliance with FCG. All acft rqr PPR at least 24 hr in adv, but no earlier than one wk in adv. Acft on TACC ctl/chan msn ctc STRAT maint for PPR, DSN 318-437-5275. All others ctc AM OPS. All RON or explosive cargo msn rqr EOG/CC apvl NLT 48 hrs prior to arr. Once issued PPR only valid +/- 45 min fr apvdtime. All acft inbd to Al Udeid will req freq chg to Al Udeid twr fr Doha APP CON 10 NM from afld. Do not switch to Al Udeid twr until apvd by Doha APP CON. Unless not equipped, all acft opr at Al Udeid AB will use UHF freq for twr 293.65 and gnd 292.0. AM OPS DSN 318-437-5513/5514, fax C 011-974-461-7058. All aircrew with DV (O-6 and abv) must ctc AM OPS NLT 30 min prior to arr. All AMC contract carriers, KC-10, C-17, C-5, tran C-130, tran KC-135 and tran acft req Prime Knight ctc AMCC (Boater Alpha) 30 min prior to arr. All C-20, C-21, C-40 and baseasgn acft ctc 379 AEW/CP (Bark Shag Delta) 30 min prior to arr. All acft transiting Al Udeid must arr with a tow bar and qualified/capable tow team, tow supervisor or flt crew exp for the following: KC10, KC135, C-5, C-17, C-21 and UC35. Twy guidance signs unrel. Twy Z1, SE of trim pad not auth for C-130's or acft withwingspan longer than 100ft. All tran acft rqr Follow-me svc. All mil/civ acft and pers must w/CSTMS and AG. DV and Haz Cargo acft ctc Comd Post 24 hrs prior toarr for coord. All acft req eng running onloads/offloads opr must call Comd Post at DSN 318-437-2509, at least one hr prior to arr for coord and apvl. Touch and go/low apch are not allowed wo apvl fr 379 EOG/CC. Dep flt plans must be filedtwo hrs prior to ETD. Acft eng start will be apv upon receipt of apv flt plan. Tacan can be used for DME only. Limited Prime Knight svc avbl, ctc AMCC Cmd PostDSN 318-437-2422.
TFC PAT Multi TGL and lo apch not auth wo apvl fr 379 EOG/CC. Req for single TGL and lo apch will be granted tfc permitting.
TRAN ALERT Ltd fleet svc avbl.

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