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Herzliya Airfield

Herzliya AirfieldHerzliya Airfield is mainly used for teaching flying and for private aviation activity.

Herzliya Airport is classified as A1 according to the ICAO standard, Annex 14.

Herzliya Airfield is one of the few airfields in Israel used as a training ground for pilots.

At Herzliya Airfield there are only domestic flights, excluding scheduled flights. Private flights can be booked with the different aviation companies.


Herzliya Airfield
was established during the War of Independence, as a military airstrip for a combat flying squadron. After the war it became an agricultural landing field, where agricultural flying activity and maintenance in Israel were concentrated.

Herzliya AirfieldOver the years, the airfield became an Israeli center for training pilots and a range of very diverse activities in the area of private flight. Private aircraft arrived at the airfield, flying schools were set up, parking aprons were paved, the landing/ takeoff strip was extended and the control tower and fire station were constructed, in line with the standards.

In May 1978, the airfield was transferred from the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Administration to the Israel Airports Authority.

Today users can enjoy a wide range of activity at the airfield, including: courses on flying and flight simulators, theoretical studies, private flights at weekends, hire of airplanes and helicopters for pleasure flights, aerial photography and air taxi services.

Switchboard - Voice response - 09 -9719555
Office of the Airfield Managing Director - 09-9719550
Secretary - 09 - 9719555

Control Tower - 09 - 9719554
Fire & Rescue Station - 09 - 9719553
Office of the Firefighting & Maintenance Officer - 09 - 9719565

WEB: http://www.iaa gov il/Rashat/en-US/Airports/Herzlia/

E-mail: telmas at iaa gov il
E-mail: avia at iaa gov il

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