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Tall Afar Airport

General Info
Country Iraq
Time UTC+3(+4DT)
Latitude 36.283117
36° 16' 59.22" N
Longitude 42.403044
042° 24' 10.96" E
Elevation 996 feet
304 meters
Type Military
Magnetic Variation 004° E (01/06)
Operating Agency U.S.ARMY
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Daylight Saving Time Dates notified by NOTAM

TWR 118.7

ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
13/31 9842 x 147 feet
3000 x 45 meters

CAUTION No rwy fixed dist markings. 20 ft hi unlghtd wind indicator lctd 246 ft E of rwy. 4 ft hi unlgtd obst 80 ft E of N copter pad cntrln. Two 8X8 ft conc foundations 5 ft hi 10 ft fr both edges of rwy ovrn. No rwy holdline on twy F and no cntrln markngs on twy E or F. Twy G has nstd cntrln markings. 6 ft deep drainage ditch on both sides of Twy E and F. JLENS Aerostat opr in rstd opr zone in vcnty of 38S KF 67693 19416 (N36 17' 30.37 E42 24' 47.41), 2500 ft vert and 500 ft rad,tethered and lghtd at 1000/1500 ft AGL. Several obst thru out afld.
FUEL J8. No fuel for F/W. F/W must carry round trip fuel.
MISC Solar powered lgt instl on afld. Twy E,F, and G utilized for Cargo/PAX opr. Fuel, maint and AGE unavbl for F/W acft. Ltd material handling eqpt avbl. Afld mgr DSN 318-250-8065/8087. NDB on 1735kHz lctd on afld.
OIL Ltd mil oil.
RSTD F/W acft rstd to daylt VFR opr hr only. 24 hr PPR for all F/W acft exc C-130 ctcflt OPS DNVT 318-551-9621, voice over internet protocol 318-673-3402, or email,jp.peles@us.army.mil, marc.robinson@us.army.mil, or dekoven.meadows@us.army.mil. All C-130 aircrews must read and heed ARA's at C17 ltd to a max allowable wt of 345000 lb, will utilize full len of rwy upon arr and no hard braking. C17 acft will utilize rolling reduced tkof only, no TRT tkof wo afld mgr apvl. Inboard eng taxi for C17 and IL76 acft on twy E, F, and G. Twy H,I,J,and K clsd to all F/W and R/W acft (not marked with yellow X). Rifles copter pad clsd. All R/W PAX opr will use N copter pad. No eng shutdown on N copter pad.
RWY No fixed dist markings on Rwy 13/31. F/W acft must TD first 1700 ft (conc) of Rwy 13/31 til 31 Dec 2006.

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