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Grimsey Airport

Grimsey Airport photo
This photo - Copyright © Mats Wibe Lund -

Grímsey is a small island 40 km (25 mi) north of Iceland, situated directly on the Arctic Circle, with the highest elevation of 105 meters (344 ft). The closest piece of land is the island of Flatey, 39.4 km (24½ mi) to the south. Grímsey is a municipality (hreppur), its administrative name is Grímseyjarhreppur. It belongs to the county Eyjafjarðarsýsla.

The land area is 5.3 square kilometres (2.1 square miles). It is the northernmost inhabited region of Iceland, with a population of 102 (as of 2005). The main industry is fishery. The island is connected to the mainland by a ferry that sails to Dalvík and it also has a small airport (IATA code GRY), regular flights are scheduled between the island and Akureyri.

A legend has it that the Arctic Circle runs exactly through the middle of the bed of Grimsey's priest. The fact that the circle shifts by a few meters per year makes this unlikely.

Airport Code : GRY
Airport Name : Grimsey
Runway Length : 2559 ft.
Runway Elevation : 66 ft.

Longitude : 18° 1’ 0” W
Latitude : 66° 34’ 0” N
World Area Code : 439
GMT Offset : +0.0

Grimsey Airport photo
This photo - Copyright © Mats Wibe Lund -

Grimsey Airport photo

This photo - Copyright © Mats Wibe Lund -

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